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Hello Kitty Smile Set

January 18th, 2008 by kt_sanctuary:hellokitty.com
Hello Kitty Smile Set 01

Try to get over the shock of Hello Kitty with a (visible) mouth and without a nose. Inhale, exhale. Okay. This is a set of 3 items per design — a rubber band for the hair, a Kitty-shaped mini towel and a wire mascot that you can move around. And now it’s time to see the rest of the designs~ XD

Hello Kitty Smile Set 02 Hello Kitty Smile Set 03

I actually think they’re cute! Silly-looking, but cute! I’m not sure what they were thinking (the pic on the left is so funny XD) but I like that you can move her around. The wire “mascot” actually has magnets on her hands and feet~ Perfect! ^^

Click those images to view deails on them on the Sanrio shop. They cost 1,711 Yen per set, or around US$16. You can now go back to staring at the silly Kitty face ^^

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The Real Hello Kitty Car

January 16th, 2008 by kt_sanctuary:hellokitty.com

The Real Hello Kitty Car

Aha. Forget about those other cars you’ve seen with Hello Kitty, this has got to be the ultimate Hello Kitty car~ :P

I found this on a site called Sparklette, on this one post on Puroland. I’ve actually never been to Puroland (sob sob) but oh man, if I ever go to Japan I’m definitely paying a visit!

This is in Kitty’s House, one of the attractions there. Wah I wish it were an actual car, I mean that you could actually drive it (even if not on actual roads :P)~ oh oh and maybe her eyes could be the headlights. ^^

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Hello Kitty iPod Case

January 14th, 2008 by kt_sanctuary:hellokitty.com

Hello Kitty iPod Case

Despite Hello Kitty having a blue ribbon and a star earring this is an authentic Sanrio item from the Japanese Sanrio shop~

So obviously they were going for this punk rock feel, what with he skulls and safety pins (which I think are cute btw haha). This case is specifically for the 30GB iPod Video.. which is sad for me since I have that old 60GB one T_T

It also comes with a belt clip, but while some people might find it practical, I’m too paranoid to put my iPod anywhere outside my bag while I’m walking. It costs 2,940 Yen or around US$27.

Come to think of it, I don’t feel so bad that my 60GB won’t fit, since I can’t buy it from the Sanrio Japan shop anyways~ @_@

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Hello Kitty Furry Hat

January 9th, 2008 by kt_sanctuary:hellokitty.com
Hellio Kitty Furry Hat Hello Kitty Furry Hat

Okay so I’ve decided to step further out of my little bubble of anonymity. I just have to show this to you guys. I love it and am a little disappointed about it at the same time.. It’s a Hello Kitty Furry Hat~ ^^

Actually this was given to me by a friend who just came back from Taiwan, hurray! I mean it’s so cute~ BUT as you can see something’s slightly off!

The ribbon’s at the back! Well, I’m definitely gonna repair it and put the ribbon infront. Yeah I know I pretty much can’t wear this outside (I’m sorry I can’t pull off that “what do they care” thing :P) so you understand my need to post this so I can show all of you haha~

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Hello Kitty Fireworks!

January 7th, 2008 by kt_sanctuary:hellokitty.com

Hello Kitty Fireworks

Follow-up New Year’s post!

I found this on Strawberry News for December, well I saw this way back but I just remembered it recently :P Can you see it? Hello Kitty fireworks!

Sorry I couldn’t give you a better pic, I just used my camera (don’t have a scanner here haha~) but actually the pic quality is pixelized to begin with. It gives me that whole X-Files feel moohaha~

Aaaanyways, maybe I should think about my New Year’s resolutions. Hmm…

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Happy New Year everyone!

January 1st, 2008 by kt_sanctuary:hellokitty.com

LOOKIE, the Hello Kitty 3D animation is sooo adorable! Found this on Dream Studio ^^

2008 is here! A new year full of promise and things to look forward to. I hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve celebration, and I hope you’re all safe despite the fireworks :P Personally I didn’t light any haha~

Here’s to a wonderful 2008 with the people we care about, and may we only remember the good things about the past year ^^

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A-nation Presents: Hello Kitty for Boys!

December 27th, 2007 by kt_sanctuary:hellokitty.com

A-Nation x Choro Q x Hello Kitty

This is so weird! I mean, aside fro the fact that this IS Hello Kitty, this one has absolutely no girliness in it!

Okay, shock has passed.

This is a limited-edition item that costs ¥3,000 each (about US$26), made especially for A-nation ‘07. It’s mostly made of resin and rubber

So what exactly is “A-Nation”? I’m not that up-to-date with Jpop stuff, but from what I gather, it’s a huge tour by many popular Jpop (Japanese Pop) artists on a special stage, held for a cause. I believe it’s been held for the past several years now, and hundreds of thousands of people go to see this concert every year.

So this is basically a collaboration between 3 parties: A-nation, toy manufacturer Choro Q, and of course Sanrio~

I think blue is A-nation’s theme color, at least for this year. Btw if any of you have more info on A-nation (as my Japanese isn’t that good), I’d appreciate any help at all ^^

Click the link to read the rest of the entry, there’s another (BLUE) promo item for this event, this time with Be@rbrick!

Read the rest of this entry »

Merry Christmas everyone!

December 25th, 2007 by kt_sanctuary:hellokitty.com

Sorry I haven’t been posting these past few days, been really busy with the holidays. ^^;

We had a wonderful Noche Buena (the traditional meal at Christmas Eve here) and then I got cute presents! Except… nobody gave me anything Hello Kitty. No comment >_< Actually my real Christmas present is a new PC coz my laptop’s dying…

But I’ll be waiting for the price drop after the holidays for that~ ^^

Merry Christmas!

Moohaha~ This is my first ever pic of myself to post here. GASP! I’m so… Asian! Hahaha anyways, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Happy Holidays everyone! ^o^

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Hello Kitty Graffiti Baby Tee

December 19th, 2007 by kt_sanctuary:hellokitty.com
Hello Kitty Graffiti Tee

Although graffiti done on the streets is a definite no-no (Hello Kitty would not approve!), there’s absolutely nothing wrong with graffiti style tees! Moohaha~

So this one I found on a store site called Stylin Online. According to them, it’s a licensed Hello Kitty baby tee made by Mighty Fine, and they’re pretty proud of the quality too. There’s another design that I really liked, here it is:

Hello Kitty Grungy Baby Tee

That one you can find here, on the same shop. They both cost US$25 each. Not bad if they’re licensed. I wish they had more designs, I really like their style :P

P.S. Hmm where is everybody?

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Sweet Hello Kitty

December 17th, 2007 by kt_sanctuary:hellokitty.com

Just saw these Hello Kitty sugar candies, and they’re adorable~

Hello Kitty Meringue Flowers

They’re Hello Kitty message sugar candies that actually serve as nice gifts with messages on the candy plates! The messages range from a simple “Thank you” to “Congratulations on entering college!”

As you can see, Hello Kitty comes in different colors here. but I can’t help but look at the yellow one and think of Mimmy ^^;

Anyways, here’s how they’re packaged~

Hello Kitty Message Sugar

As usual, I probably won’t be able to eat this if I had it. >_< I bet it tastes…well, sweet XD A bit pricey though, for the whole set (the round container at the top), you have to spend 3,990 Yen or about US$35.

Hmm I guess not though, I mean they’re really adorable~ ^^

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