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More Hello Kitty Speakers

Friday, February 1st, 2008

Hello Kitty Speakers

Sorry for the late post, been really really busy~ But on with the show ^^

It’s actually my first time seeing these Hello Kitty speakers, though I’ve seen others of the sort. Cuteness! Also, Mimmy’s in it! I dunno I really do feel bad for Mimmy, so finding this is a joy~

It’s apparently an iPod accessory, but since that looks like a normal jack, it’ll work for other stuff too. It’s 3″x2″ and weighs around 100kg. You can check them out on Asiaphilic, and can buy it for US$22.50 ^^

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Hello Kitty Headphones

Monday, September 24th, 2007
Hello Kitty Headphones

Is this not love? *-*

I personally prefer headphones to earphones, the sound really tends to be better because it’s surrounding your ear. Also my ears hurt when I wear earphones for a long time.

Hello Kitty Headphones 02 Hello Kitty Headphones 03

This is from the Sanrio shop actually, so some of you might have seen this already. Still I love how it looks! I mean, I don’t have a lot of red stuff, but it’s better like that imo coz it’ll stand out~ :P

Oh if you don’t wanna have to check, it costs 3,150 Yen or just about 27USD. Finally, something not super expensive eh? XD

I stare at my headphones…and weep. Umm don’t cry Mr. Headpones, I still love you. LOL *crazy*

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Hello Kitty Musical~

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007


I’m sorry I just really have to talk about this. It’s two days from now and I would’ve wanted to go T_T

It’s The Hello Kitty Fantastical Adventure. I dunno I’m an oldschool person haha, I really love plays. When I first heard that they were gonna do a Hello Kitty play, I really really hoped they were gonna do one in the country.. But alas (yes, alas!) it’s only in Hong Kong, Bangkok and Dubai. Why? Why would they not come here? T_T

Anyways, this is the story summary from the Official Site:

Once upon a time, there is a place called Happiness Land where is full of joy, love and peace. One day, her Princess Kitty is kidnapped by the Bad Badtz Maru, the Lord of Badtz Kingdom. So Prince Daniel leads his trusted noble knights, Konitchua and Pom Pom to save the princess right immediately. With the assistance of Magical Bracelet, Princess Kitty is rescued from that devil place.

On their way home, they run through the musical jungle, a beautiful place full of music and lots of dancinf, and meet the Chief Tabo-Yo-Yo. They have a good time in musical jungle and resume the journey. But at this moment, they face another challenge — they are trapped in Fire Gorge where fuels the evil power to Bad Badtz Kingdom.

Pardon the grammar, I guess Hong Kong people wrote it ^^; Hrmm it says it starts Aug 17, so yeah here in Asia that’s two days from now. Aww… look at Prince Daniel in that pic. They describe him as “Confident, courageous and determined. A man of Honor with stout heart.” Weee prince prince~ I feel like a little girl hahaha~

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Hello Kitty Baby Grand Piano

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

hello Kitty Baby Grand Piano

I stumbled upon a blog called Hotzone, and lookie what I found! A tiny grand piano released by Sega Toys~ I absolutely love the design on this! I imagine a beautiful girl sitting and playing beautiful music on it. Except that…it’s not possible. The piano is only 18 cm high and 25 cm wide, and although the tiny ivory keys (0.4 cm each) can really be played, you’d have to have freakishly small hands to do that. Haha. Well if you don’t wanna start poking the keys with a pen or something, you can also have it play any of 100 built-in jazz and classical tones.

Anyways, this’ll be out on October I believe, selling for ¥68,250 (about $554). I wanna at least hear how this sounds~

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Guitar Part 2

Saturday, June 16th, 2007

My first ever post in KT Sanctuary was an electric guitar (I had a blurry picture, let me give my super late apology for that haha~) Well I don’t have much time right now, today’s a busy day. But lemme share this for now:

Acoustic Guitar

Nice eh? Well since that first February post when I’ve been contemplating going back to honing my guitar skills (ehem ehem, if you could even call it that) …actually I haven’t done any of that. I hardly even touched my guitars since then. I think it’s safe to say, if anyone asks, that no, I can NOT play the guitar. I’ll go to a corner and cry now.

Oh btw for anyone who’s curious, this is a Fender acoustic guitar with 20 frets, costs 38,000 yen. Sorry I’m really burned out right now, I’ll leave you guys to calculate how much that is in USD. Heheh ^^; Haaaa I promise I’ll come up with a better entry next time. I need a cookie. Or a hug. :(

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Hello Kitty FM Transmitter

Friday, May 18th, 2007

FM Transmitter

I checked the price for something like this sometime ago, and it was so expensive! I don’t get it, the one I checked was just a simple one even. So unfair! Anyways I just needed to share that harhar, let’s move on…

What is it exactly? It’s an accessory for the iPod, lemme give you the specs so I don’t miss anything:

* Mobile FM Transmitter for Wireless Car Audio
* Compatible with iPod - 4th Generation, iPod Video - 5th Generation, iPod Photo, iPod mini
* Features: Play iPod Through Car Stereo on Any FM Station, Full FM Tuning Capabilities for Clear Sound
* Operates up to 10 Feet Away
* 30-Pin Pass-Through Connector Inputs
* Made of Hard Plastic
* Additional Features: For Entertainment while Travelling, Setup is Easy with Autoseek, Easy Use, Easy Set-Up

I found it on Amazon by the way, and I think it’s very useful. A lot of times I want to play my iPod loud and can’t without bringing speakers. Yeah I know, speakers are easier to bring than a radio, but this is still better because you can use it for your car speaker, or any other device with FM transmission, for that matter.

Sometimes my brother borrows my iPod for dance practice too, and I’m sure they’d appreciate it since a sound system (in the studio or wherever) would sound better than ordinary PC speakers, which they usually use.

I asked how something like this works, and this is what I was told: You set a frequency that the transmitter will use, and when you turn your radio to that frequency, it’ll play whatever’s playing on your iPod. Pretty cool huh? It’s like having your own radio station.

Now…I wonder if my brother will use this even if it’s Hello Kitty. :P


Monday, February 19th, 2007

To KT Sanctuary! Well, while I was looking around the Vastness of the Great Internet, found this:

Haha! A Hello Kitty Fender! Well, I play the guitar (I’m not extremely good though) and I’d use this definitely. Also, I love pink and gray. Even if you’re not a Hello Kitty fan, boy is this a great way to make a statement. Lol. Hmm…I want it. Maybe it’s what I need to get back to practicing for lead guitar, I’m so rusty. And I know some people who’d START learning guitar if it meant they could play with this.

I dunno, something about it. I guess that’s just it, it’s the statement XD Like how they say hot pink is so punk rock. LOL.