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Happy Chinese New Year!

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

I made a video in Dream Studio for Chinese New Year~ I know a lot of people are making videos for the holiday, and I know I’m not really Chinese (as I recently revealed :P) but here goes anyway ^^

Got those pics from around the web. Kung Hei Fat Choi to my Chinese readers! Hope you have a great year ahead!

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Operation Tag: ME

Monday, January 28th, 2008

I’ve been tagged by Kittymama! As promised, today I post my answers! But first a little something to satisfy your craving for Hello Kitty~

Hello Kitty Mushrooms

These are even sillier than that old KT Mushroom I featured some months ago :P If ever you’re curious about them, here’s the link, although they’re again from the Sanrio shop. Anyways, onwards! Operation Tag, begin!

7 Random and Weird Things About Me:

1. I have a pet dog named Bruce, whom I rarely ever call Bruce, and thusly have confused him forever as to what his name really is. I usually call him “Boosey” (playing around with his real name) or “Baby” hahaha :P

2. I grew up in an odd neighborhood. Where everybody knew each other, but that wasn’t necessarily a good thing. I studied at a school beside a large butchering place, so we’d walk out that tiny road with pig blood running under the street. You can see the “stream of blood” it through the cracks, with only poorly-aligned blocks of concrete covering them. And during class you could hear pigs squealing really loud. I wish I were kidding.

3. I love food. Yes, it deserves its own number because it’s that important. Moohaha.

4. I can speak a little Japanese, because my brother speaks it (Like he can converse with Japanese people, while I can’t T_T), but usually I just ask him for help if I need it.

5. I look Chinese but I’m not really, it was my great grandma (I think) who was Chinese. Too far up haha :P

6. I also love music. If I leave the house without my iPod, I’ll seriously panic and wish I were home instead. T_T

7. I haven’t given my name for the longest time because I was planning to make this blog really about Kitty, and not about me :P Buuuut (EDIT) I’ve decided to finally reveal my name~ You may call me Ruth! Nice to meet you all. And thanks for wanting to know more about me, Ms. KTS ^^

I tag: Iheartbadtz, Tingal, Jaredkyle, Mr. Rock Out, Bong, Raein, and Steffi! ^_^

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Happy New Year everyone!

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

LOOKIE, the Hello Kitty 3D animation is sooo adorable! Found this on Dream Studio ^^

2008 is here! A new year full of promise and things to look forward to. I hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve celebration, and I hope you’re all safe despite the fireworks :P Personally I didn’t light any haha~

Here’s to a wonderful 2008 with the people we care about, and may we only remember the good things about the past year ^^

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Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007

Sorry I haven’t been posting these past few days, been really busy with the holidays. ^^;

We had a wonderful Noche Buena (the traditional meal at Christmas Eve here) and then I got cute presents! Except… nobody gave me anything Hello Kitty. No comment >_< Actually my real Christmas present is a new PC coz my laptop’s dying…

But I’ll be waiting for the price drop after the holidays for that~ ^^

Merry Christmas!

Moohaha~ This is my first ever pic of myself to post here. GASP! I’m so… Asian! Hahaha anyways, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Happy Holidays everyone! ^o^

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Hello Kitty Inflatable Chair

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007
Hello Kitty Balloon Chair

Because I really want an inflatable chair >_<

I used to have this soft couch, it was soooo comfortable. There was a time when I was really into online games, and I’d fall asleep on that couch (which I used for my PC desk) while playing :P

But if I had this Hello Kitty chair.. I’d probably have a hard time getting up~ XD

I got this pic from PinkWorld’s Flickr, but I also found it on epinions.com. It was manufactured by Jakks but… i can’t find it on their site. Estimated price is $20 - $40 (pretty rough estimate) @_@;

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I just have to!

Monday, November 26th, 2007

I’m doing the unexpected. I’m posting something that has NOTHING to do with Hello Kitty! Why? Because everyone else did it, I couldn’t resist! Bwahahaha~ :P

Basically I stole these from Raein, Iheartbadtz, Lilybethflame, Bong and Steffi. XD

You Are an Ice Cream Cake

Surprising, unique, and high maintenance.

You’re one of a kind, and you don’t want anyone to forget it.

You’re fun in small doses, but it’s easy for people to overdose on you!

What Kind of Cake Are You?

Honestly, this test made me realize that I love ice cream so much. I’m not kidding, it just hit me now. @_@ I like the description, “fun in small doses” …but when people overdose on me, is that a good thing or a bad thing? >_<

You are White Chocolate

You are White Chocolate

You are sweet, caring, and truly very innocent.

Whether your naive ways are a bit of act or not, people like to take care of you.

You are a quiet flirt, and your power is often underestimated!

What Kind of Chocolate Are You?

I so love chocolate. I didn’t really get a “unique” result, but white chocolate is good. So…yay~ *-* I like that last line, “your power is often underestimated” Hmmm. XD

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Hello Kitty At Thirty Three

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

As we all know, Hello Kitty’s birthday was last Nov. 1, and fans all over the world greeted and paid tribute to our favorite Kitty. I have my own little thing on the works, but right now I’d like to highlight some things that happened in celebration of her big day~

Hello Kitty Birthday Parties. Here are a couple of pictures I found on Flickr, just click the images to see more related pics of how these people celebrated her birthday!

Happy Birthday Hello Kitty!
ABOVE, a sheet of paper with birthday wishes for Hello Kitty. It’s so sweeet~ ^^

LEFT, Hello Kitty celebrations from Hello Diana’s shop, they even had a Hello Kitty mascot!

Coolness no? Also, I found out about this convention that’s gonna happen on her birthday next year, but I won’t post anything about that because I’m not sure about it, and that’s a year too far ahead :P

Hello Kitty Gold Items. Well we all know that Sanrio released a lot of shiny gold stuff way before her birthday, but here’s a quick rundown:

Hello Kitty Gold Playing Cards Hello Kitty Pure Gold Trump. Gold Hello Kitty playing cards — a set of 54 cards and 4 Jokers, made of 99.99% pure gold, weighing 0.73g each. Made by Mitsubishi Materials Co., Ltd. It costs 568,000 Yen, tax included. Expensive way to play poker ;)
And here we have the Hello Kitty Pure Gold Art. It’s made the same way as the gold playing cards. It shows Kitty and Daniel on a carriage in Versailles. It’s about 29cm by 20cm, and costs 330,000 Yen. Another one of those “good life” Hello Kitty things~ Hello Kitty Gold Art
Hello Kitty Gold Calling Cards Finally, the Hello Kitty Gold Business Card. It costs 10,500 Yen each, also from the same material as the previous two. The size is just about the same as a normal business card would be. What a way to tell everyone how much you love Kitty ^^

Hello Kitty has other gold items, like the huge Maneki Neko and the Hello Kitty euros. You don’t have to be 50 to be golden. ;)

Hello Kitty New Items. I love the cover of The Strawberry News magazine for last month, in preparation for Hello Kitty’s birthday. I took a picture, lookie~

Hello Kitty on Strawberry News

Do you like Hello Kitty’s look? Haha it’s awesome. Anyway the issue had a lot of collaborations, and if you’ll see the lower left part of the picture, you’ll see a drawing of a girl watching Hello Kitty blow out her birthday candles ^^ There are some items that were released for Hello Kitty’s birthday, but I think I’ll reserve them for my next posts~

I’ll be making a video about Hello Kitty through the years soon. At least I hope I can get around to doing it. Sorry this is late, I just got back from my relatives as per custom here for All Soul’s Day. But as for now…

Happy Birthday Hello Kitty! We love you!~ <3

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Wee happiness~

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

First, I found my last post’s cube clock on eBay! Lookit~

Hello Kitty Cube Clock

Click the image to check the eBay page. I found out from the pic, that it DOES light, yay! So for any of my overseas readers who might wanna get it, you know what to do. ^^

According to the seller, it’s 8×8x8 cm, and also has a sound alarm. It runs on 2 AA batteries.

Although the bad news is that it costs US$9.40 PLUS shipping there. And it’s the exact same one, as you can see, and the one I saw was also very well made. I don’t get it. Anyways, it’s good news for us I guess superbong~ XD


Second, I’m really happy that I’m getting so many readers, even from outside Sanriotown. Who woulda thunk! Thanks to all of you~ ^^ I’ll do my best!

(Btw I’m thinking about doing something for my 10,000th hit, a Kiriban or something. Any ideas?)


Third, while going through my comments, I noticed that my cactus friend post is not only exciting to Hello Kitty fans, but to Tokidoki fans too. Apparently, they’ve been waiting for it for some time now. So I hope the collaboration comes out soon! ^^

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Gangsta Hello Kitty

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007
Gangsta Hello Kitty

I found this on the on some guy named Joseph’s Myspace, I’ve seen some of the Kitties he’s made (like the Vader one and the Homer Simpson one haha) but I’ve never seen this!

I actually like it XD That’s just me of course, but I really do like that cap! This reminds me of Missy Elliott actually :P Kitty Elliott? I wonder if Missy likes Hello Kitty haha.

Oh btw, as for political correctness issues, that’s his term not mine ^^; And if you’re wondering, Alex is apparently a friend of his that he made this for. It’s not a real toy, it’s just an illustration, sorry folks~ :P

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Hello Kitty Key Chain Box

Monday, October 15th, 2007
Hello Kitty Key Chain Box

I feel really bad about this, coz I can’t find a better pic! T_T Anyways this is a Hello Kitty Key Chain Box, and I found it on DreamKitty. For those of you like me who often lose their keys~ XD

Dimensions are 12.5″ x 7.75″ x 10, and it costs US$50. ^^ Oh and you can put other stuff in it too. Coz I love dangling earrings and lose them a lot too rofl XD

Oh oh btw…

You guys notice that Sanriotown was down over the weekend? T_T I’m not sure how long but I was checking it yesterday and I couldn’t log in. I think there are still some problems now but it’s pretty much okay I guess… I mean, I got to post. ANYWAY, I found this official statement thingy on the main blog:

Hello everyone. If some of you have encountered any problems with SanrioTown this weekend, we’re terribly sorry for this, but our servers have reached too high a load, causing the site to go into downtime. Rest assured that no data was lost during this period, and everything will soon be back to normal. If you notice any problems, do let us know by sending an email to support@hellokitty.com.

Again, we’re really sorry about this, and we thank you for continuing to support SanrioTown.

Wah I hope it goes back to normal really soon, it’s hard refreshing and checking back so often @_@

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