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Apple Hello Kitty TV

Friday, September 7th, 2007

Apple TV rofl
No, I don’t mean Apple the company :P Here we have an actual apple-shaped Hello Kitty LCD TV! got this from New Launches. Moohaha~

Well how fitting, since Kitty loves apples and apple pie ^^ The LCD has a resolution of 800×600 pixels and the speakers have an output of 3Wx2ch (I’m not sure what that means sorry). It’s got a power switch, volume controls and you can change the channel. Also it comes with a remote control :)

Sorry no cable though XD It measures 355×115x420mm (you do the conversion rofl). When you open the apple, the two “doors” serve as the speakers~

This one is available in Japan for 84,000 Yen or about $725. Yikes, it’s kinda pricey even if it would be awesome in any Kitty-lover’s room. XD

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The Suite Life of Hello Kitty

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

Whoa, I can’t believe I only saw this now! I present to you, THE Kitty life care of the Taiwan’s Grand Hi-Lai Hotel!

Hello Kitty Suite 01

I’m as shocked as Kitty seems to be haha! That’s a pic of the Hello Kitty Suite — 50 square meters, with a living room, dining room and master bedroom. Everything is KT-themed, and in a very stylish way might I add! Check out the pics from the bathroom, which btw has a bubble bath moohahaha~

Bathroom 01 Bathroom 02

There’s another type of room, the Hello Kitty Room, is a bit smaller (33 square meters) but still comes with a lot of Hello Kitty stuff, like KT curtains, a KT lamp, postcards, notepads, letter paper and envelopes. You also get stuff like KT slippers and bathrobes~ Here’s a pic from this room:

Hello Kitty Room

And finally, there’s the Hi-Lai Kitty House at the hotel lobby, and if you’re a KT fan.. You. Will. Spaz.

Kitty House Kitty House 2

In the Kitty House there are lots of limited edition stuff. Oh the frustration~ Erhm. Anyway, as you probably expected, this KT paradise doesn’t come cheap. A night at the Suite is NT$18,000 plus 10% tax (Total of about US$550), and at the Room it’s NT$7,800 plus 10% tax (Total of about US$260). Eeek! That’s a huge chunk off my savings! Hahaha~

Anyway in case anyone’s interested, you can visit the site. They got some of the details mixed up though, but it’s easy to figure out. That’s where I got the pics btw. :)

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Hello Kitty Popcorn Maker

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

Because there are so many good movies out today, this could be very relevant. Well, sorta…coz you don’t exactly bring your own homemade popcorn to theaters haha. Anyways~

It’s the KT5230, looks like it might start talking in a robot voice to take your order or something =P Erhm erhm. I love popcorn! Actually I’ve just recently begun to appreciate normal butter-only popcorn, coz I used to demand my cheese flavoring (and plenty of it!). Luckily, this thing comes with a built-in butter well for “quick melting” heheh.

This apparently isn’t available in stores, you can only get it online (not that hard to find) for US$30, it cooks up to 3 quarts of popcorn. AND it’s non-stick! Yes, that makes all the difference for people like me. Apparently they’ve thought of everything, coz once you’re done popping you can just flip it over and use the clear dome-type thing as a serving bowl.

Is there a difference in taste between mocrowave popcorn and the type you really have to pop the old-fashioned way? Like this? I imagine there should be…but maybe it’s not that noticeable. Also maybe there’s a less risk of burning the popcorn, since there’s a motorized stirring rod to keep things moving. In the microwave you can’t overcook for even a few seconds or it’ll taste bad. My brother still eats the burnt ones though heheh, he’s my clean-up guy. Haha~

Oh btw, CONGRATULATIONS to the Dazzling moment winners! Woot~ Especially to Luty who regularly graces my blog with her presence, for getting the honorable mention :)

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For coffee-lovers like me…

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007


All the coffee-lovers raise your hands! Sanrio SOOOOO understands us! *high fives you all* Harhar~ Anyways, at the office a lot of us drink coffee. I remember I used to drink instant coffee because I didn’t want to wait for the brew, but when I finally tasted our brewed coffee, I got hooked! I forgot what brand it was though.

Going back to the coffee-maker, it sells for about US$70. I wonder what it’ll take to get them to buy this for the office. Heheheh. But then again we drink A LOT of coffee, and by the mug, and it looks like it can only make around 5 cups at a time. Oh well. I guess after seeing so many sandwich makers and toasters, I’m just happy that they haven’t forgotten this very important part of my morning. Coffee is love. Hahaha.

On a final (yet important) note: The “A Dazzling Moment” official contest blog is up! This is the blog where you can learn more about the Dream Studio contest, and stay up-to-date with the latest announcements. Visit, visit! Click the image below:

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