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HKO scores TKO~

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

Hahaha I’m sorry I just had to, I’ve been wanting to say that for a long time now :P

Well, it’s all over the net now, seriously it’s amazing how many people are excited about Hello Kitty Online! Personally, I think this isn’t a “girl’s” game, I think a lot of guys will be wanting to play this (provided that they’re secure about their masculinity moohaha~). And why not? It looks like a fun, casual game, a lot of people are looking for stuff like that.

Honestly I’m impressed with the graphics! This screenshot in particular, gets special mention from me~

Hello Kitty Online 01

Waaaaah~ I love it! They look like servings of leche flan! Leche flan is a Filipino egg-cream custard, it’s so delicious. Wanna see why? Here’s a picture:

Leche Flan

SEE? Hahaha~ Anyways, I signed up for a closed beta account, but according to the site, there are over 40,000 subscriptions already. I sure hope I can still get an account! ^^

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Tokidoki loves Hello Kitty still

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

An update on the Tokidoki x Hello Kitty collaboration I wrote about in an old post (with a similar title), the pics are up on the Tokidoki site~

Tokidoki x Hello Kitty

If you remember from that post, there were pictures of Hello Kitty as one of the Cactus characters, and that up there is her with Bastardino!

As gathered from the unofficial Tokidoki Blog, there was a leak from a Sanrio employee (later confirmed by the Sanrio Retail Operations department) that the items will be available in stores by the end of the month. Although, the pendant that Simone Legno was wearing in that old post of mine, isn’t gonna be available :P

There’s a full list of items at the Sanrios shop, and you can view them all by clicking here~

Tokidoki x Hello Kitty

This has got to be one of the most exciting collaborations, and in my opinion, the best! I’ll update you all if the items are available in stores already~! ^^

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Hello Kitty ‘Thank You’ Plushies

Monday, February 11th, 2008
Hello Kitty ‘Thank You’ Plush - England

If you’re familiar with the British Royal Guard, the ones that don’t smile, move or make any facial expressions at all, then this is really a weird concept. :P Imagine Hello Kitty not smiling, not talking or moving at all!

This is part of a series of ‘Thank You’ plushies available at the Sanrio Shop, where Hello Kitty dresses up in costumes from different countries. The one above is from England, and here are the rest of them~ Enjoy!

Hello Kitty ‘Thank You’ Plush - USA

Hello Kitty as the Statue of Liberty, representing the USA.

Hello Kitty ‘Thank You’ Plush - Brazil

Cute costume from Brazil, with their way of saying thanks, “Obrigado”! I like the feathery headpiece, and that she has eyelashes ^^ Though I don’t think I could wear something like this myself :P

Hello Kitty ‘Thank You’ Plush - Korea

This one’s from Korea, with their national costume, the Hanbok. Thank you in Korean is “Kamsahamnida” ^^

Hello Kitty ‘Thank You’ Plush - China

I don’t know what’s written! Haha but it’s “thank you” as well I suppose :P I asked some Chinese friends and they say it isn’t the way they write “Xie xie” which would be how they say it in Mandarin. Oh well ^^;

Hello Kitty ‘Thank You’ Plush - Japan

And finally, what seems to be the prettiest of all, the Japanese Hello Kitty saying “arigatou”~

As you can see, each country comes in a set of 3. The largest one is your regular stand-alone plushie, while the smaller one is a bag accessory and the smallest one is a cellphone strap.

Each set costs ¥3,423 or about US$32. They’re featured on page 44-45 of the Sanrio Special Catalogue, and you can check them out on the Sanrio shop ^^

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

I made a video in Dream Studio for Chinese New Year~ I know a lot of people are making videos for the holiday, and I know I’m not really Chinese (as I recently revealed :P) but here goes anyway ^^

Got those pics from around the web. Kung Hei Fat Choi to my Chinese readers! Hope you have a great year ahead!

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Tiniest Hello Kitty USB Memstick

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

It’s all over the official blogs, but I believe this is a perfect thing to post here~ ^^

It’s a USB memory stick that comes in 1GB. There’s hardly any more info on it, but judging from the picture, it’s really a Sanriotown gadget! As you can see, it’s just a bit bigger than a normal-sized paperclip, and looks pretty thin too! It looks like a stick of gum frankly :P

I can’t wait to find out where I can get it. I wonder if it’s gonna be a Kittyshop thing? Although, I do wish it came in other colors~

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More Hello Kitty Speakers

Friday, February 1st, 2008

Hello Kitty Speakers

Sorry for the late post, been really really busy~ But on with the show ^^

It’s actually my first time seeing these Hello Kitty speakers, though I’ve seen others of the sort. Cuteness! Also, Mimmy’s in it! I dunno I really do feel bad for Mimmy, so finding this is a joy~

It’s apparently an iPod accessory, but since that looks like a normal jack, it’ll work for other stuff too. It’s 3″x2″ and weighs around 100kg. You can check them out on Asiaphilic, and can buy it for US$22.50 ^^

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