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Operation Tag: ME

I’ve been tagged by Kittymama! As promised, today I post my answers! But first a little something to satisfy your craving for Hello Kitty~

Hello Kitty Mushrooms

These are even sillier than that old KT Mushroom I featured some months ago :P If ever you’re curious about them, here’s the link, although they’re again from the Sanrio shop. Anyways, onwards! Operation Tag, begin!

7 Random and Weird Things About Me:

1. I have a pet dog named Bruce, whom I rarely ever call Bruce, and thusly have confused him forever as to what his name really is. I usually call him “Boosey” (playing around with his real name) or “Baby” hahaha :P

2. I grew up in an odd neighborhood. Where everybody knew each other, but that wasn’t necessarily a good thing. I studied at a school beside a large butchering place, so we’d walk out that tiny road with pig blood running under the street. You can see the “stream of blood” it through the cracks, with only poorly-aligned blocks of concrete covering them. And during class you could hear pigs squealing really loud. I wish I were kidding.

3. I love food. Yes, it deserves its own number because it’s that important. Moohaha.

4. I can speak a little Japanese, because my brother speaks it (Like he can converse with Japanese people, while I can’t T_T), but usually I just ask him for help if I need it.

5. I look Chinese but I’m not really, it was my great grandma (I think) who was Chinese. Too far up haha :P

6. I also love music. If I leave the house without my iPod, I’l