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Hello Kitty Smile Set

Hello Kitty Smile Set 01

Try to get over the shock of Hello Kitty with a (visible) mouth and without a nose. Inhale, exhale. Okay. This is a set of 3 items per design — a rubber band for the hair, a Kitty-shaped mini towel and a wire mascot that you can move around. And now it’s time to see the rest of the designs~ XD

Hello Kitty Smile Set 02 Hello Kitty Smile Set 03

I actually think they’re cute! Silly-looking, but cute! I’m not sure what they were thinking (the pic on the left is so funny XD) but I like that you can move her around. The wire “mascot” actually has magnets on her hands and feet~ Perfect! ^^

Click those images to view deails on them on the Sanrio shop. They cost 1,711 Yen per set, or around US$16. You can now go back to staring at the silly Kitty face ^^

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