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Spot the hidden KT!

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

Subaru Impreza SRX STi

This is a Subaru Impreza WRX STi, this particular version (WRX Type RA STi Version 2 V-limited) came out around mid to late 90’s if I’m not mistaken. Haha yeah that’s a product of research, because I do like cars but I don’t know much about history and models :P Credits to Karl Qi for the image~

NOW, I’m sure you can see that blue Hello Kitty design on the hood, isn’t it cool? Haha nothing like a fast car with a touch of KT, I must say. There sure are a lot of Kittified cars coming out. I wonder who drives this one? XD

Anyways! For the challenge, spot the hidden KT! There’s another Hello Kitty in that picture, but you have to look real hard, feel free to zoom in and stuff. Cookie for anyone/everyone who gets it~ Good luck!

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The Suite Life of Hello Kitty

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

Whoa, I can’t believe I only saw this now! I present to you, THE Kitty life care of the Taiwan’s Grand Hi-Lai Hotel!

Hello Kitty Suite 01

I’m as shocked as Kitty seems to be haha! That’s a pic of the Hello Kitty Suite — 50 square meters, with a living room, dining room and master bedroom. Everything is KT-themed, and in a very stylish way might I add! Check out the pics from the bathroom, which btw has a bubble bath moohahaha~

Bathroom 01 Bathroom 02

There’s another type of room, the Hello Kitty Room, is a bit smaller (33 square meters) but still comes with a lot of Hello Kitty stuff, like KT curtains, a KT lamp, postcards, notepads, letter paper and envelopes. You also get stuff like KT slippers and bathrobes~ Here’s a pic from this room:

Hello Kitty Room

And finally, there’s the Hi-Lai Kitty House at the hotel lobby, and if you’re a KT fan.. You. Will. Spaz.

Kitty House Kitty House 2

In the Kitty House there are lots of limited edition stuff. Oh the frustration~ Erhm. Anyway, as you probably expected, this KT paradise doesn’t come cheap. A night at the Suite is NT$18,000 plus 10% tax (Total of about US$550), and at the Room it’s NT$7,800 plus 10% tax (Total of about US$260). Eeek! That’s a huge chunk off my savings! Hahaha~

Anyway in case anyone’s interested, you can visit the site. They got some of the details mixed up though, but it’s easy to figure out. That’s where I got the pics btw. :)

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Sushi, and The Best Nights of My Life

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

First, to satisfy any craving for cool KT stuff, I bring you this:


KT Sushi~ Now THAT’s definitely good enough to eat~ :P I love how the maker had enough patience to get those little details in! But I don’t know much about sushi, what kind are these I wonder?

Also, I was tagged by Luty with this yay, so here are my answers.. The five best nights of my life~ ^^

1. One night at my grandparent’s place. They live on a hill far from where I live now, but we used to visit them a lot there (they live here in the city now, left their house with some other relatives). Anyways, one night me, my brother and my cousins were playing hide and seek on a bright moonlit night, and all the stars were out. I don’t remember seeing so many stars anywhere else, there were so many! It was so dark with the trees and all, but at the same time so bright because of the moon and stars. I was a kid then but I remember that feeling, I was so happy~ ^^

2. Night at the rooftop with best friends. We were at school, and we’d stayed till around 11PM because of some event we were organizing for the next day. We were tired and dirty haha (paint on our hands and clothes), but we went up to the rooftop and it felt so good. We had a nice talk there, and looked down from there (4-story building), we imagined what it would be like to jump and fly haha XD

3. Spontaneous overnight stay at a friend’s house. We’d originally planned to stay at someone else’s place, but because of some sudden developments, we had to stay at another friend’s house. We played videogames and Scrabble (one of the guys was a GENIUS I tell you), and even Monopoly. Then we watched Kill Bill. We all fell asleep on the couch lol, but we had so much fun. I miss those guys.

4. Senior Prom. Well, although I have a bucketful of miserable stories from that night (hahaha) I love it because after everything, I realize that I learned a lot about friendship, love, infatuation, and about guys. Plus, in general it was a good night ^^;

5. Night at the park with best friend. She left for the US a year ago, and we still talk a lot, but I remember before she left we used to hang out a lot at the park, with coffee. It was always freezing out, with the wind so cold and strong. We’d talk about everything and nothing, but we never ran out of stuff to talk about.. Good times.

So there. Haha my five best nights. I just realized that they aren’t really special in themselves (well except for the prom), but it was the people I was with that made them special~ ^^

I tag: angelchao, mufflednoise, zakura and happyness! Oh you don’t have to though haha I don’t feel comfortable imposing, but only if you want to~ :)

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Hello Kitty Fastfood?

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

Haha, while there really is Hello Kitty fastfood, that’s not what this post is about. Well, not technically :P

Hello Kitty Fries Coinpurse

FRIES…but not! Haha, credits to magicsparklebean for this pic, I hope she doesn’t get mad that I reposted it ^^v Anyways according to her, this is actually a coin purse. But to me it looks good enough to eat~ I’m serious! *BITE* XD

I don’t think there’s any popular food that doesn’t have a plushie or toy version. And Hello Kitty certainly didn’t miss out on this. So TADA~

Diner Purses

The complete set! Credits to toriloveskitty for this one :) It would be so awesome to have all these.. but what’s that beside the burger? Is that a taco or something? LOL. But I do think the fries look the most fun :P Mmm I’m getting hungry~

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Kitty Mint Part 2

Friday, August 17th, 2007

Silver Euros

As stated in my old post about Hello Kitty euros, they will be showing Hello Kitty enjoying the good life in different places. These coins are silver euros, part of the collection~

The first coin shows Hello Kitty in a cafe in Paris, in the second one she’s flying over Paris (with an umbrella haha~), and in the third one she’s shopping. She’s wearing heels and a nice summer hat, as you can see, very Paris :P

The numbers on the captions are how much they are in yen, to convert to US dollars, just divide the number by 112 on your calculators :) They’re not nearly as expensive as the gold ones I previously featured — you can buy all three for half the price of the cheapest gold one. Plus they come with designer luxury cases too. You can check them out on the official Sanrio Shop :)

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Hello Kitty Musical~

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007


I’m sorry I just really have to talk about this. It’s two days from now and I would’ve wanted to go T_T

It’s The Hello Kitty Fantastical Adventure. I dunno I’m an oldschool person haha, I really love plays. When I first heard that they were gonna do a Hello Kitty play, I really really hoped they were gonna do one in the country.. But alas (yes, alas!) it’s only in Hong Kong, Bangkok and Dubai. Why? Why would they not come here? T_T

Anyways, this is the story summary from the Official Site:

Once upon a time, there is a place called Happiness Land where is full of joy, love and peace. One day, her Princess Kitty is kidnapped by the Bad Badtz Maru, the Lord of Badtz Kingdom. So Prince Daniel leads his trusted noble knights, Konitchua and Pom Pom to save the princess right immediately. With the assistance of Magical Bracelet, Princess Kitty is rescued from that devil place.

On their way home, they run through the musical jungle, a beautiful place full of music and lots of dancinf, and meet the Chief Tabo-Yo-Yo. They have a good time in musical jungle and resume the journey. But at this moment, they face another challenge — they are trapped in Fire Gorge where fuels the evil power to Bad Badtz Kingdom.

Pardon the grammar, I guess Hong Kong people wrote it ^^; Hrmm it says it starts Aug 17, so yeah here in Asia that’s two days from now. Aww… look at Prince Daniel in that pic. They describe him as “Confident, courageous and determined. A man of Honor with stout heart.” Weee prince prince~ I feel like a little girl hahaha~

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Hello Kitty Pasta

Monday, August 13th, 2007

Hello Kitty Pasta

Nyaaaa this is so cute, floating kitties in your soup! I love soup, especially when I’m not feeling well. I’m sure this will make any KT fan feel better already, just by seeing this haha~

Oh btw I found these pics on Hellokittylife. I like how detailed it is, you can see the little ribbon. This has been around for a while now, and Rei Kuassary has a post on that too :)

Hello Kitty Pasta 2

This is a clearer pic, yes, very detailed~ I can’t get over it, it’s so cute.. There are a lot of good pics out there of this Hello Kitty pasta too :P

Oh btw, I wonder if that’s a real remedy, chicken soup. Or is that a psychosomatic thing, that you think it’s doing you good so you’re brain’s tricked into making you “feel” better. Hmmm.

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More Lolita-Punk-Goth KT Moohaha

Friday, August 10th, 2007

Hello Kitty Set

I liiiiiiiiiiike! I really love it when they change Hello Kitty’s image, I mean not that I’m tired of the classic one, it’s just nice that she gets adventurous once in a while haha~

These are cute little keychains I found on eBay (hence the watermark). The one with the eyepatch is a little too much for me :P and I think the ones on the bottom row are cuter. My favorite is the brown one (third on the bottom row)…or is that gold? Aurgh how come I never find these things in local stores T_T this’ll cost me way too much especially with shipping and all. But it’s so nice.. T_T

Anyways (still crying btw), the figures themselves are 5-5.5cm tall depending on which one…I’m guessing the bunny-eared ones are 5.5cm. They’re made of PVC, and they’er being sold as a set. The suggested retail price according to the seller is US$49.99, but the starting bid is US$9.99 heheh, not bad. Wah I want that gold KT.. T_T

Oh P.S.— Thanks very much to everyone who voted for me so far. Also special mention to angelchao and my friend sugarsmile for helping spread the word~ :)

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Another KT Optical Mouse~

Monday, August 6th, 2007

Optical Mouse

Who says water and computers can’t mix? this is no ordinary optical mouse, it has a floating Hello Kitty inside it! I’m not exactly sure what she’s holding in that picture, but this is really neat. Not to mention unique. Here are the specs:

  • Size: 65 x 35 x 106mm.
  • Plug-and-play operation.
  • Color change gradually (blue-purple-green) when USB connected.
  • Transparent cover, a float Hello Kitty is inside it.
  • 3 button layout, scroll wheel acts as third button.
  • USB interface, optical tracking, 1200 DPI resolution.
  • Compatible with windows 9x/2k/xp/Vista/NT4.0 and MAC OS9.
  • Compact great for desktop or notebook computers.
  • High quality, perfect condition, 100% brand new, please bid with confidence.

    I wish there were a picture of it lit. Well, if you’re looking for a Hello Kitty mouse and this seems a little too much for you, you might wanna check the other Hello Kitty optical mouse I featured :)

    If you’re wondering where to get this, it’s up on eBay, and costs US$6.99. Not bad. Not to mention, it’s a fresh change from all the expensive stuff here recently haha~

    Oh just a plug. Please help me and my poor non-influential self in the bloggers choice awards, haha. Just click the banner below.. I’m pretty sure I won’t win, there are a lot of big shots out there, but at least it’ll help spread the Hello Kitty love~ Thanks and a million hugs to anyone who votes <3

    Click to vote for KTS~

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    Pampered Puppy

    Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

    Dog HouseMore Swarovski~ @_@

    This is a dog house. Indeed it is. And I hereby announce: It costs US$31,660. O-u-c-h. This is part of the Mitsukoshi Department Store “Hello Kitty Showcase” I mentioned in my last post.

    You might be thinking, “Who on earth’s gonna buy these crystal stuff?” Well, in Hong Kong and some other asian countries, Hello Kitty is a big name (and fashion statement) among office ladies, and these people have money. Hey I’m an office lady, how come I don’t have money? Maybe it’s strictly a Hong Kong thing hmm rofl. Erhm, this very special dog house has 7,600 beads on it.

    I like the post on USA Today about this:

    Tohmatsu declined to speculate on whether the doghouse might help ease often fractious relations between cats and dogs.

    “It’s not something we really had in mind,” he laughed.

    Haha, cute~ XD Anyways, the girl in the picture is a  Fumina Takada, Sanrio employee. This should be out already in the Mitsukoshi store, but I’d like to remind you of the price hahaha. >_< Again, ouch.

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