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Earth’s Final Defense!

We’re under attack by 8-bit invaders! Aaah! But wait! Who’s this? Riding on a red spaceship? Could she be the one? Earth’s final defense?

Space Invaders~
(image from StrapYa)

Haha pardon the cheesy intro :P If the little white thingy beside our funny-looking Hello Kitty seems familiar, then I salute you! Space Invaders is one of the real classics in arcade and video games, created by the game developer Taito way back in 1978. If it still isn’t familiar, maybe this will help:


And now you see the little white critter among fellow aliens, on the second and third rows from the top. Haha~ Oh man, this brings so many childhood memories LOL. This has got to be one of the most influential games of all time.

Anyways this is yet another cellphone charm, costs US$ I seriously didn’t expect this crossover from Sanrio haha, but it’s cute. Hello Kitty has never looked so…pixelated. Moohaha~

Oh oh, also, Belated Happy Birthday to one of my readers (whose blog I also love visiting) … angelchao! Hurray! Hope you had a great one! :)

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