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Calico KT Robot Plush


This is apparently a very rare design, and it’s a fresh new look for Hello Kitty. Just like my old post where KT was not the normal white kitty, this time she’s turned into a calico cat~

As the title says, this is supposedly a robot, a wind-up robot to be exact. Hmm I’m not sure how it works, but she has a big key behind her. I don’t know if she’s battery-powered or literally a wind-up toy. As for height, she’s 18 cm tall.

Oooh watermark heheh(pic from eBay)

This model was available exclusively in the Japan Amusement Game Center as a prize item, but it’s apparently authentic. It’s so cute, I think this look suits Kitty. But of course I still like the original haha. It’s being sold for USD 18.99, so if any of you are interested, you can check it out~

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