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This is gold right here:


ROFL!!! I like the manly man doll in the pic, I can almost imagine him saying “What? My wife likes them, okay?” Hahaha. I know of a certain anti-hello kitty blog that should get a kick out of this (evil laugh). Credit where credit is very much due, the image is from koalajoe (apparently a very dedicated doll collector/maker).

Those cute miniatures are from the Hello Kitty Gashapon set heehee. For those who are unfamiliar with gashapon, it comes from the words “gacha” (Japanese sound effect for those machines you crank) and “pon” (sound effect for when the toy comes out. They’re also called capsule toys, coz basically they’re toys in little capsules that you get out of machines. Sort of like those candy machines, but these are definitely more expensive than what you get out of those. Aww I wish I could find a Hello Kitty or Sanrio gashapon machine here…

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