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A Different KT

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

Shokotan KT PlushieDon’t be alarmed! Hello Kitty isn’t changing looks! Well, not for good anyways haha~ I introduce to you Mamitas the cat.

Yes, Mamitas the cat. Alright this is actually the product of the joined forces (rofl) of Sanrio and Japanese idol Nakagawa Shouko, more popularly known as Shokotan. If you’re not Japanese or aren’t into the culture, chances are you don’t know who she is. Anyway I don’t know much about her either, but from what I know she’s famous for…well, being famous. She cosplays and stuff, and her blog is also very popular. She posts about twice a day and the blog itself has millions of hits.

Mamitas~In that blog she takes a lot of pictures of her cat Mamitas, the one in this here pic. Isn’t he/she adorable? Actually Shokotan has her own slang for this, it’s “ギザカワユス!” (Giza kawayus!) meaning “Super cute!” Haha maybe I should make my own slang.

Anyways, the plushie you see at the top is Hello Kitty as Mamitas. Think of her cosplaying Mamitas the cat. Heheh~ The doll it’s holding is supposedly Shokotan. Cute isn’t it? Like the tables have turned. I wonder if I can be as famous as Shokotan? Probably not haha~ :P

DS Kitty Covers

Friday, May 25th, 2007

DS Kitty Cover

Now these are designs heheh. I like the first and last one, and I bet they’d look real cool on my DS.. except that.. I don’t HAVE a DS! LOL! But actually if I were to get a portable console, it would probably be a DS.

I dunno, something about the PSP. I mean, I wouldn’t throw it away if I got one, but it just wouldn’t be my first choice. Sure, the PSP’s cooler and has better titles, but the types of games in the DS are the types of games I’d play when I’m outside.  I just don’t like the idea of me playing when I’m outdoors, coz usually that’s when I’m with friends and stuff.. I’d wanna be talking to them instead of playing. But even if there are some times that I’m out alone, I guess I’d just rather be walking around and listening to music.

Yes, what I said would probably qualify me as a traitor to the gaming world. But hey, I just dowanna look back and wonder where all those hours went. Heheh. :P

Pivi? Pivi.

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007

Fujifilm Pivi~ I don’t know what Pivi means, or why they named their product that, but just like the fun/smart people they are they’ve made a Hello Kitty edition of their MP-70! *crowd roars*

Photo Printer 2

It’s one of those gadgets that you can definitely do without, but once you have it, you’re probably always gonna take it with you. I know I would. It’s an infrared device that you can send pics to from your mobile phones (or any other image-capturing device with IR), and it’ll print the images on special film, that are also Hello Kitty themed!

Pivi FilmThere you go. I think it’s pretty cool, especially recently I’ve been bumping into some old friends I don’t really get to see that often. I like having hard copies of my pics, especially to give them in case we don’t see each other in a while again. I also love taking random pics with my phone whenever I see something nice, weird or amusing. Harhar.

Though I imagine that the film is rather expensive, I think it’ll be worth it. It’s handy, practical (for people like me), and it’s Hello Kitty. :)

Hello Kitty FM Transmitter

Friday, May 18th, 2007

FM Transmitter

I checked the price for something like this sometime ago, and it was so expensive! I don’t get it, the one I checked was just a simple one even. So unfair! Anyways I just needed to share that harhar, let’s move on…

What is it exactly? It’s an accessory for the iPod, lemme give you the specs so I don’t miss anything:

* Mobile FM Transmitter for Wireless Car Audio
* Compatible with iPod - 4th Generation, iPod Video - 5th Generation, iPod Photo, iPod mini
* Features: Play iPod Through Car Stereo on Any FM Station, Full FM Tuning Capabilities for Clear Sound
* Operates up to 10 Feet Away
* 30-Pin Pass-Through Connector Inputs
* Made of Hard Plastic
* Additional Features: For Entertainment while Travelling, Setup is Easy with Autoseek, Easy Use, Easy Set-Up

I found it on Amazon by the way, and I think it’s very useful. A lot of times I want to play my iPod loud and can’t without bringing speakers. Yeah I know, speakers are easier to bring than a radio, but this is still better because you can use it for your car speaker, or any other device with FM transmission, for that matter.

Sometimes my brother borrows my iPod for dance practice too, and I’m sure they’d appreciate it since a sound system (in the studio or wherever) would sound better than ordinary PC speakers, which they usually use.

I asked how something like this works, and this is what I was told: You set a frequency that the transmitter will use, and when you turn your radio to that frequency, it’ll play whatever’s playing on your iPod. Pretty cool huh? It’s like having your own radio station.

Now…I wonder if my brother will use this even if it’s Hello Kitty. :P

Mini Planetarium ~♥

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

Mini Planetarium 01

OMG! This is the coolest thing ever! It’s is my favorite of all the items I’ve ever featured. It’s called the Hello Kitty Mini Planetarium, and I found it on the Sanrio JP shop. I know what you’re thinking—it doesn’t look like much. Thankfully there are pictures of what it looks like in the dark~

Mini Planetarium 02 Mini Planetarium 03

I SO WANT THIS, seriously. I’m the kind of geeky dreamer girl who looks up into the stars, pretends she can fly, and names constellations while she’s at it. If someone gave me this as a gift, I’ll love that person forever. Hahaha. I’m not sure if it runs on batteries, or if you can make it spin…that would be cool though. If I had this, I’d leave it on every night without fail, I’m pretty sure I’ll be spending at least 30 minutes staring at the ceiling and walls. Geeky dreamer girl indeed.


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The KT Non-Stick Frying Pan

Friday, May 11th, 2007


Not only is Kitty cute, she’s smart too! If any of you are into cooking, you’ll really appreciate this. It’s a non-stick frying pan with Hello Kitty’s face on it~ I don’t know about you, I really hate having to scrape stuff off pans.

If I had this, I imagine I’d wanna cook just about anything on it. I’d be coming up with all sorts of excuses to cook stuff, just to show people this frying pan. And then I’ll pretend and try to convince people that the food tastes better because of the pan. Moohaha~

Sanriotown Important Notice (Dun dun dunnn…)

Friday, May 4th, 2007

Hmm it looks like the blogs will be down this weekend. Here’s what the email says:

Our Dear Sanriotown Member,

We would like to inform you that our blog services will be down from May 7-9 (GMT + 08:00). A major enhancement will be implemented in order to serve you better!

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you. Thank you for your patience! We hope that you continue to enjoy Sanriotown’s services!

Best Regards,
The Sanriotown Staff

Oooh…I wonder what they mean by “major enhancement”. I hope it’s something good. Well, see you guys next week then :)

Pop Tarts~

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

Pop Tarts~
Okay since I’ve been posting about food recently, I thought it would be a good idea to dedicate this post to one of my best friends (whose name I won’t put here or she might kill me haha), a poptart addict. Honestly…I don’t think…I’ve tasted poptarts. Yes, I know that makes me a loser on so many levels (Or at least my friend would certainly say that) but I just never got the chance I guess. Could someone explain to me what they’re like? Please? Hahaha.

Look at the candy thingies on the poptarts, the white ones are actually shaped like Hello Kitty’s head. Harhar~ Also, I find the flavor “Meow-Berry” rather amusing. I’m not sure if that’s in a good or bad way. The original flavor is “Wild Berry” …I don’t see how “meow” is supposed to be a clever substitute for “wild”. Maybe if I eat enough of these, I’ll understand :P