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Squish the Kitty

Two One

It would’ve been enough that this looks so squishy, but it actually has a use! It’s a mobile phone holder, so what you do is you basically take your phone, push it into Hello Kitty’s head, and watch it just fit so snugly inside. LOL um…I think I just took all the cute out of it with that.

But anyways, this kind of mobile phone holder is very popular nowadays especially among girls. I have no idea why I don’t have one yet. This one is approximately 6″x6″, and the seller tells us to “bid with confidence.” I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean, haha~

6 Responses to “Squish the Kitty”

  1. Cintu! Says:

    Hi!!!! Thanks for your comment!!! Your blog is veryy nice!!! I like it!!! I didnĀ“t make the white one, sorry!!!!

  2. kt_sanctuary:hellokitty.com Says:

    Harhar it’s alright, and you’re welcome! Thanks for dropping by~ ^^

  3. tingal79 Says:

    Cute. :) :)

    I couldnt reply to your post in Rita’s blog. I think she had enough of spams. Anyway, I was also pretty amused by Hello Kitty gun. I dont think it is real, or is it? That would be so so funny…

  4. kt_sanctuary:hellokitty.com Says:

    I’m not sure, but it looks real. They’ll put Hello Kitty’s face on anything won’t they? Haha~

  5. tingal79 Says:

    Yes, and the hello kitty robot has got to be one of the best SANRIO’s products. There’s Artificial Intelligence in the robot and she can communicate sensibly up to a certain point. She sings too and she turns her head to the side where the voice is coming from, assuming the person is there too. A post of this robot can be found on http://blog.hellokitty.com/rei_kuassary

  6. Kennady Says:

    You live like a princess. I live like a princess and a queen.

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