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Don’t take my word for it…

Friday, March 30th, 2007

Hello Kitty on O

Go click the image~ Or if you don’t wanna, here’s what it says: “I’m impressed. No cuter sandwich press has ever existed in the history of humankind. That’s just a fact.”

Well you already know (also, it’s right there), but O is the lifestyle magazine of the infamous Oprah Winfrey, and yes, those are her words. Hahaha~ Can you imagine her making sandwiches in the morning using our very own Hello Kitty’s sandwich press? And also I’d like to take this time to say…that those sandwiches are so cute. I want one. I want to make them and give them to friends. I want to poke them too (no I won’t poke the ones I’ll be giving out). No really, my brother will probably weep and mourn if I do, but I just might buy this if I see it. :P

Then if I ever see Oprah in person, we can share sandwich press stories. Harharhar~

Pocket Kitty

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

Pocket Kitty

If you’ve ever gotten into the virtual pet craze about a decade back, OR if you’re still in it, then this is definitely for you. This is Pocket Hello Kitty, a game where you get to interact with Hello Kitty, in her own little digital pocket-size world. But this isn’t like just any other virtual pet game, there’s actual stuff she can do (besides eating and…you know). To answer the $6M question, “What does this button do?” I have this here to help:

Click to see this full-size~

But stocks of this are terribly limited, and I mean TERRIBLY. I’m not even sure they still make this, but I sure hope they do. Anyways, what exactly can you do with Kitty in this little gadget? Well, you start of by walking around, and when you get enough “kitts” from the number of steps you’ve taken, you get to enter (dun dun dunn~) Kitty’s Forest. But it’s not as scary as I made it sound, in the forest you can get items and make friends, who apparently know “the secret of the forest”. Oooooh~

She has her own storage or “chest” for items that she’s picked up. The gadget has an alarm, which I believe you can use for more practical purposes as well. There’s a Friend Notebook for her list of friends, and there are secret items too, like a tennis racket for her to play with. The Ribbon item lets her change her entire wardrobe when you use it. So she can meet up with her forest friends in style harhar.

Anyways I don’t know how much this is, because the source says “Out of stock” and it’s pretty much been like that for some time now. Don’t they realize that this is the key to the future?! Lol um…okay maybe not, but it’s pretty neat isn’t it? :P

Hello Kitty at FilmArt!

Monday, March 26th, 2007

So what exactly is FilmArt? It’s an annual international convention held in Hong Kong, and for this year it took place last week (March 20-23). If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s kinda a serious grown-up thing, where people in the TV, movie, animation (and so on) industry go to strut their stuff, and meet with other serious grown-up people for business and exposure. Well…I know I don’t exactly make it sound exciting, but it actually is. Why? Because it’s Hello Kitty! Haha.

Hello Kitty Booth

That’s what the Sanrio Digital booth looked like in the Filmart. If you’re wondering WHY Hello Kitty is in a film convention in the first place, then read on. She’s actually promoting the New (yes, NEW!) Adventures of Hello Kitty and Friends! What’s so new? It’s gonna be in full-3D, and trust me if you love Hello Kitty, you will find this a billion times cuter than he original animation.

You want to click this link, yes you do! Because that’s the link to the first ever Sanrio 3D Animation Trailer. You’ll see how cute it is. Hahaha. Yes, I did say cute. If you’re allergic to cute, visit still. Harhar~

Anyways, I also heard that Hello Kitty was awarded best actress for that animation, by whom I’m not sure yet. Anyways I’m so looking forward to this. Not to mention I think they really did a good job with this animation, it looks awesome ;)

Cat or Mouse?

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Hello Kitty Mouse

It’s so clever! It’s a Hello Kitty USB mouse. Why clever? Just look at where they put he buttons and the wheel. It’s brilliant! If these people concentrated their efforts into medicine, we’d have a cure for cancer! Well…kidding. Haha, but goodness, when you’re not using it (hence, your hand isn’t covering the clever niceness), it can actually double as a decoration for your desk. There’s also a red version in case you’re not too fond of pink, but then again if you don’t like pink you probably wouldn’t be here…

Anyways! This is an optical mouse, hence no little ball to play with once in a while. If you wanna see what it looks like in the dark, click here. The price (since I seem to always be asked for prices) is AU $15.88, starting bid. It’s 1200dpi, which in English means it’s pretty responsive. It’s compatible with all Windows versions now, and MAC OS9 or above. Yes, I did find it on eBay, because eBay loves Hello Kitty~ <3

Blog of the Week!

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

Blog of the Week

Oh how I doth squeal! Nyaaa! KT Sanctuary is this week’s Blog of the Week on Candymag! I’m so happy~ And they said they wanted the chess set too. Harhar. Raein actually nominated KTS for the Candymag Blog Awards, so hurray! Also thanks to MarvinM for letting me know I was featured. I wouldn’t have known otherwise haha~ Thanks Candymag girls, I’m honored to be featured, I’ll try my best to show you all more great Hello Kitty stuff. Cheers! :)

Hello Kitty Phone Part 3

Monday, March 19th, 2007

Hello Kitty Phone Part 3
Okay you got me, it’s not really a phone, it’s a clock designed to look like a classic rotary telephone. Haha sorry I know you were probably expecting a mobile (or something you can at least call with), but take a few seconds (one banana, two banana…), click the image above, and just look at how awesome that is! Lemme help you a bit:

DialKitty & Mimi

You can click those too for larger versions. It’s officially called the Hello Kitty Telephone Style Clock, and the Kitty & Mimi “mascots” can actually be detached. I absolutely love how this looks, it has that whole traditional, authentic feel to it. I’m not sure if I wish this were a real phone, or if I like that it’s just a clock. Anyways, this definitely gets an A+ from me in terms of style. Not to mention, the mascots (sorry that’s the term they used haha) I think are really nice.

The phone itself is approximately 4×4x4 inches, and the mascots are just under 3 inches. That’s what they said but…I’m not sure that makes much sense. It runs on just one AA battery (sold separately). This is such a collector’s item, and I think it’s great that they tried a different style with this item. It rocks my old-school socks.

Hello Kitty Lantern

Friday, March 16th, 2007

Hello Kitty Lantern 01 Hello Kitty Lantern 02

I can imagine a little girl wearing a cute pink kimono, walking outside at night with cherry trees around…and carrying this! It’s a Hello Kitty Chouchin (traditional Japanese lantern), but it’s actually made of PVC instead of paper. Also, it’s battery-powered, so this is more of an appliance harhar~ Anyways, it’s about 5 inches (height or diameter, I don’t know) and it doesn’t fold down like the usual chouchin.

Well, speaking of this, I guess no matter how overused the thought of cherry petals, lanterns and kimonos is, it’s still a nice thought. Gives me that whole romantic feeling. Acutally, I’ve never been to Japan, but if ever I go there, I’d want to experience that. Hey, I know I sound like a kid, but bear with me please harhar. :P

Hello Kitty Crystal Xbox Console

Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

Hello Kitty Xbox

BAM! I’m not sure if I have/want to write anything about this one. Why? Because I think the violent reactions contrasting with the squeals of gamer girls have said it all. This was created specifically for the Singapore market, so bad news for Kitty fans outside the country…good news for the guys though heheh. It comes with a crystal controller and the Hello Kitty Mission Rescue Game. I’d really like to see this in real life, but looks like I won’t get the chance to. Anyways, I don’t care how mad the guys get, it’s pink, it’s Hello Kitty, and it shall be loved. Moohaha~

Long Live Queen Kitty!

Monday, March 12th, 2007

Bishop, king, queen, rook, knight, bishop~

chess set

A Hello Kitty chess set! This is just genuinely cute! The character setup is kinda weird though (Why is Kitty’s sister Mimi the king? Why isn’t Dear Daniel there? Is this Romeo and Juliet?) haha, but other than that, this is just irresistible. Even if you don’t play chess, this is definitely worth having if only for how well it was made. The pieces are just over 2 inches in height each (or so I estimate). I love the tiny blue castle~

The last time I played chess was…aww I don’t remember. When I was a kid I always beat my brother (who learned before I did) at the game, but I suddenly stopped playing. Hmm maybe this will get me to play again? Can I actually afford this? I actually imagine making a story while playing, like Hello Kitty going “Oh no! We shouldn’t fight! Let’s have tea instead” harharhar~ And then whomever I’m playing with will get upset… Um…

Squish the Kitty

Thursday, March 8th, 2007

Two One

It would’ve been enough that this looks so squishy, but it actually has a use! It’s a mobile phone holder, so what you do is you basically take your phone, push it into Hello Kitty’s head, and watch it just fit so snugly inside. LOL um…I think I just took all the cute out of it with that.

But anyways, this kind of mobile phone holder is very popular nowadays especially among girls. I have no idea why I don’t have one yet. This one is approximately 6″x6″, and the seller tells us to “bid with confidence.” I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean, haha~