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Spin Kitty, spin!



If some of you have already seen the Hello Kitty car, or already have it heheh, then this could be something you’d wanna put on it. BAM. Hello Kitty rims!

- Size: 13-inch 5J offset+45
- Material: Aluminum alloy
- Weight: 6kg/1
- Standard: JWL, VIA, and JAWA quality recognition
- Manufacturing: Low-pressure casting and one piece (MADE IN CHINA): Laser beam machining and topcoat processing (MADE IN JAPAN)

Truth is, I’m not really sure what all of that means haha, but I just thought I’d put it there. The idea of having Hello Kitty rims is so amusing to me, because someone can take it as being either a discreet or vulgar way of showing love for Hello Kitty. Like when you’re stuck in traffic and people notice a faint design on your wheels, squint a little and they’ll see the Kitty goodness. Now if only they made spinners…or 18″ ones…or CHROME ones! Now that would be awesome. Oh and…if only I had my own car to go with it.