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Lolita Kitty

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

lolita goth lolita

“NOBARA TAKEMOTO is a Japanese famous writer and designer. Since his first essay, “Soreinu” was published, he has been regarded as a leader of Japanese lolita field. He is always a frontire, you can feel his spirits and sense from Lolita Kitty.”

Haha, well that was taken from the site I got this from (StrapYa) and apparently, that Nobara Takemoto guy is one of the top dogs in Japanese fashion…where lolita is a very good thing and isn’t considered too bizarre. If you click those images, you’ll see the figures are rather detailed. Personally, I like the black one better…but I like the pink hat. XD I’m not particularly even into goth and lolitas, but on Hello Kitty I gotta admit it looks cute and very interesting. It’s like Hello Kitty with an attitude (or going through a real weird but fun phase heheh) And I want a black rose that big for my hair too. Am I turning goth? GASP. These are cell phone charms by the way, and personally, I think the term fits them well.

Kitty’s wearing mascara~ She’s all grown up. *sniff*

Spin Kitty, spin!

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007



If some of you have already seen the Hello Kitty car, or already have it heheh, then this could be something you’d wanna put on it. BAM. Hello Kitty rims!

- Size: 13-inch 5J offset+45
- Material: Aluminum alloy
- Weight: 6kg/1
- Standard: JWL, VIA, and JAWA quality recognition
- Manufacturing: Low-pressure casting and one piece (MADE IN CHINA): Laser beam machining and topcoat processing (MADE IN JAPAN)

Truth is, I’m not really sure what all of that means haha, but I just thought I’d put it there. The idea of having Hello Kitty rims is so amusing to me, because someone can take it as being either a discreet or vulgar way of showing love for Hello Kitty. Like when you’re stuck in traffic and people notice a faint design on your wheels, squint a little and they’ll see the Kitty goodness. Now if only they made spinners…or 18″ ones…or CHROME ones! Now that would be awesome. Oh and…if only I had my own car to go with it.

Hello Kitty Phone Part 2

Friday, February 23rd, 2007

Pretty~ lol Pink XD

Because I still think the phone is cool, I poked around and found this! Apparently the phone also has a pink-lighted version, AND there’s a special “cover” (uh I dunno what to call it) for the phone so it’s semi-transparent. Look at the pictures! Is that not made of so much WIN? Why don’t all phone companies think of stuff as fun-stylish as this? Whyyyyy~?

Hello Kitty Phone

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

Hello Kitty Phone

Okay I don’t care, I don’t care, THIS ONE I seriously want! I forgot where I even found this picture. But even if this didn’t have that blue light lining that seems to own 70% of all other phones in terms of style, it still looks great enough for even Hello Kitty haters to admit. I want. I want. Why must the Japanese have everything cool? Aaaaaaah!

Um…eherm. The phone is a P902i NTT DoCoMo phone, which means it was made by and for the DoCoMo system (so it only works in Japan). Darn. Oh well. The rest of us (or just me) can enjoy this picture, with the glowing blue coolness that will haunt us forever.

Psychology Test for your pet hamster?

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

Interesting…The Sanrio Hello Kitty Mini Japanese Book Key Holder Charm (Psychology Test). Okay I’m not entirely sure how to explain this, or how to effectively defend the practicality and use of this item, but darn, is it cute. Haha, yes you’re seeing it right, it’s a mini keychain-book. Or book-keychain. But don’t be fooled! Just because it’s that small, it doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the read. There’s actual text in there, where Hello Kitty gives tips on different topics. This particular book is a “Psychology test” or so it says, though I can’t read enough Japanese to know for certain what’s in it.

There are other books (with corresponding designs and colors) such as fortune telling, diet, kabuki, exercise, puzzle and charm (hey, those are the exact words they used okay, I’m just as confused as you are). All of them just under 2 inches tall.

So why get a large, boring, psycologist-approved book when you can get this! Your hamster may thank you for it, provided it can read Japanese. ;)

Hello Kitty Special Box

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

Hello Kitty Special Box

It’s the Hello Kitty Special Box! Although I’m not exactly sure why it’s called that. But beyond the name that only true AzNs will seem to appreciate, this thing has a cool design. So what is it really? It’s a USB flashdisk! I dunno if there are other models but this one holds 512MB of data. Okay as I said in my last post, gray and pink, I love. And I really like the frosted silver thing it has going on. In case you’re wondering, you flip it open. I like how the design works, it’s not geeky, but stylish in a practical-looking way.The box…of the Hello Kitty Special Box.

See! It even comes with a nice box! A box for the Special box heheh. I have no idea what’s supposedly in it though…one looks like a charger for AAA batteries, but that doesn’t make any sense. Grr, if only I could read Japanese better, my Kanji is like -10 right now. Haha. Anyway the box looks good already, so I’m not complaining.


Monday, February 19th, 2007

To KT Sanctuary! Well, while I was looking around the Vastness of the Great Internet, found this:

Haha! A Hello Kitty Fender! Well, I play the guitar (I’m not extremely good though) and I’d use this definitely. Also, I love pink and gray. Even if you’re not a Hello Kitty fan, boy is this a great way to make a statement. Lol. Hmm…I want it. Maybe it’s what I need to get back to practicing for lead guitar, I’m so rusty. And I know some people who’d START learning guitar if it meant they could play with this.

I dunno, something about it. I guess that’s just it, it’s the statement XD Like how they say hot pink is so punk rock. LOL.