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Free to Play is Always Good!

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

granado espada - grace bernelliYes, I know it’s been a long time since I last updated this blog. I haven’t been playing a lot of games lately, since the real world is quite cruel when it comes to money. ~_~

Granado Espada became P2P (pay to play) for a while and so I couldn’t play..! I’ve decided to quite games for a while to focus on other things.

Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly?), they made GE F2P (free to play). o_o;;; It’s actually a very good game, and so I wonder… No one was willing to pay for it? o_o;;; I’m guessing the open beta was out for too long. It allowed most of the veteran players to max out their characters… Even Godlike Faction seemed to have disbanded since the current conquerors on the map don’t have a single Godlike Faction name on it!

My old faction, 2Fast2Furious has also disband. And now I am a lonely player once again.

I don’t really mind it though. I get to do things on my own pace when I’m alone. I’m currently hunting for Christmas Trees all over the place to get the Santa Costume. I’m not really too hyped up about it, since a lot of people have it already. Besides, characters like Bernelli already look very good in their original costumes, so why would I bother being bright red? @_@

Bernelli is probably the only RNPC that I like in her current state though… Hopefully there are other better RNPCs out there, but for now, I’ll settle with leveling her… I’m curious to see her hold a shotgun and cannon.

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Seigmund Slaying Quest

Friday, August 31st, 2007

bernelliIt seems Mistress Hrin has taken an interest in bloggers, and is awarding an unannounced number of lucky GE players in-game items just for blogging about GE..!

Oh dear gracious…. Must blog more! -_-;;; I really want some Divine Angel Wings for my dear Rei Kuassary (Catherine)! Then again… I think I would prefer to have it for my Rukia (fighter)…

Anyway… I was curious about the Seigmund Slaying Quest for a while now… I took a painstaking chance at grabbing 16 vouchers in the Al Quelt Moreza, and submitted it to the stone memorial. I never got my reward and thought it was because the game was still in beta, so I decided to put the vouchers in Leonardo Express and wait for the patch to take place.

Unfortunately, I went into the GE Forums recently and found that Al Quelt Moreza needed all 22 vouchers!!! O_O;;; There was a bug alright, but it was a typo error! ZOMG!!! I have to hunt for the rest just to get the reward? T_T

The Sen Family was right to tell me not to bother with it and just get on with leveling my characters… -_-;;; I was offered an invitation to enter GodLike Faction from the Hime Family, with the firm requirement of a level 90 character..! That’s going to be hard, considering I haven’t had time to play for a while… T_T;;; It seems I am still not used to controlling Lady Rei by herself… But at least I got her dolls down to pat. >.<;;;

Oh, I was also able to get Bernelli! =D She’s the cutest NPC so far, next to Lady Rei of course..! So happy to have her in my family… I named her Rochelle, because she reminds me of a friend of mine with a similar name. ^_^

Yosh~ Off to work~~ o(^3^)o Ja~~

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They’re Nerfing the Characters?!

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

lady_catherine02Ok… First of all, I’m stealing Rei’s Onions. Just because I found one that is so appropriate for this occasion…

Granado Espada is nerfing the NPCs including my LADY CATHERINE!!! ZOMG!!!

Uhm… o_o;;;

Nerfing actually means lowering the stats… Depending on the character statistics, the Game Masters can lower practically anything from intelligence to attack power…

Furthermore, they proposed that Grace Bernelli, Catherine the Summoner, Lorch and Emilia the Sage will not be able to wear Leather armor. On top of that, a decrease in ATK by 50% for Jack?s Turrets and a decrease in ATK by 50% for Catherine’s summons.”

No, no, no, no, no!!! My Lady Catherine must prevail!!!

So yeah I was pretty upset about it for a while… And I do mean quite a while. Even with the 90 day free play period before the pay to play mode begins, I didn’t feel like playing Granado Espada anymore… But I did decide to see what people thought about it in the forums…

And then I saw Hrin’s (the GE Regional Community Manger) post:

In summary, despite all the changes IMC proposed to us about nerfing characters, ONLY Emilia the Sage has been nerfed from INT 8 to INT 7. All other RNPCs remain intact.


So I got upset over nothing…


I feel like the smartest person in the world… (note the sarcasm)

*downloads the patch and goes to play*

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Granado Espada

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

granado espada

Due to the lack of excitement in the Pangya Series lately (Updates are slow, servers are always crashing, etc., etc.), Kooh has moved on to a new game. And in the first day alone, she got hooked.

Granado Espada is a revolutionary new style in online gaming. You control 3 characters at once, giving you the versatility of creating and controlling your own party. You no longer need to beg for a Healer type of character to play with you, you can have your own. You can also get NPCs to play with you and grab exclusive items and stats.

Each player will create a “family”, so to speak. You will create a member of the family, and have a maximum of 3 in your party each time you go out on a mission or quest. Although there are other means to replenish your HP, it’s highly recommended you bring a Scout (Healer) in your party.

There are 5 types of characters to choose from. Fighters are sword and hand-held types who can fight in close range. They are excellent in attack and defense, but have a tendency to stray from the party while chasing after a runaway creature. Wizards are magicians that are good in both offense and defense, and focuses on long range attacks. This is by far my favorite of the 5 characters. Of course, you also have the Scouts who are essential for their healing abilities. You can equip scouts with weapons, but like Fighters, they can stray from the party, leaving the other 2 characters in serious danger. The Musketeers are my second favorites, because they use a variety of guns. I find long range weapons extremely vital in the game. Finally, we have the Elementalists who are much like Wizards, but they tend to use the elements (fire, wind, ice, and lightning are the ones I know of so far) as compared to the later that use sorcery.

A couple of NPCs that you can recruit in the game are a mixture of the 5 character types. As I heard, Emilia is a mix of the Wizards and the Scouts. Bernelli is a Musketeer, but only she can use shotguns. Certain NPCs will only be available once you reach a certain level.

What can I say? This game got me hooked. It takes only a few hours to get used to it, and the environment is highly detailed. Join us in the fight for a Free For Life Granado Espada!

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