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September 3rd, 2008 by KnuxieChan

Onegai My Melody is finally being fansubbed!

I’m hoping they’ll do ~Kurukuru Shuffle!~ when they finished the first season. X3

Session 4

April 2nd, 2008 by KnuxieChan

Yey, sorry for the delay in updating. XD; I’ve been lazy. Onto the new batch of questions!

Question 1: Is there a place to watch these online other than Veoh or youtube? Maybe some Japanese native site?

Sadly, none that I could find. I’ve been able to download some more episodes of the first season. I now have episode 1, 5, 13, 21-24, 27, 30-33. So keep an eye on my account. XD I’ll try to update it quicker.. but no promises. *is a big procrastinator*

Question 2: What happened in the final episode of Onegai My Melody Kurukuru Shuffle?

I’m not entirely sure, since I’ve only seen a clip. Basically, Hiiragi plays an old song for Jun that he played years back when they were kids. Jun was terribly sick. Hiiragi came into his room and started playing a song for him, which helped Jun calm down and finally go to sleep.

Jun remembers the song, despite Da-chan influence and they’re able to free Jun from Da-chan’s possession. Everybody’s happy, Jun hugs Hiiragi, and they throw a party. 83 But le-gasp? What happens at the party? Kakeru and Uta kiss, and Hiiragi walks in on them! The incredible timing of it all, since Hiiragi and Jun have to return to school over seas. (Hiiragi going to France, Jun going to America)

I think that’s what happens. I could be wrong though.

Question 3: Did you hear about the 4th season coming on April? Onegai My Melody Kirara?

Yup, and unfortunately I have a feeling they will be getting rid of the old human cast. No more Uta, no more Hiiragi/Usamimi. D= It’ll also be done in flash, which I think looks like utter crap. Honestly, I’m not too excited about the new season, especially after seeing the trailer.

Edit: Hiiragi and the old human cast will likely be NOT showing an apperance, as Kirara is set prior to the first three seasons. Meaning the story takes palce before My Melo and Kuromi went to the human world and met up with Uta. Hoshitsuki Kirara, the main human character for this season, is said to be the first human to ever come to Meriland.

Question 4: Why is Hiiragi so mad at being called “Kei-kun” anyway? Is there some strange story behind it?

It’s considered rude to address someone by their first name in Japan if you don’t know them very well. (Keiichi is his first, Hiiragi is his last) Hiiragi is very uptight about this and prefers being called by his last name. The only ones who can get away with calling him by his first name are Sebastian, his butler, and his mother. (His mom calls him “Kei-kun”, while Sebastian refers to him as “Keiichi-bochama”, which means “young master”) He doesn’t seem to mind Sebastian, but his mother referring to him by that pet name makes him go “=| *blank face*

Session 3

March 13th, 2008 by KnuxieChan

Time for questions from Nanao-chan!

Question 1: So Kuromi uses a key to become human… How long does that usually last?

Not very long, sadly. It depends on how long the candles she uses in the transformation ritual last. If the candles do run out, she’s transformed into a Baku. XD That’s easily reversed by My Melo’s magic though.

Question 2: What did Baku and Kuromi see when they opened Hiiragi’s Dream Gate?

I haven’t seen all of the episode yet, but from the clips I’ve seen on youtube, Kuromi, My Melody, and Uta are all there. Not sure about Baku. They see a child version of Hiiragi, who, I THINK — I’m not certain, asks them to help him release his memories. The memories are tied up in this large bag and once they set them free, they’re all of Uta. Kuromi feels discouraged until her human form also floats out of the bag as well. Hehehe.

Question 3: Isn’t her human name Kuromi Hiromi? That’s what it said it some forums anyway, and others say it’s “Nui”.

Kurumi Hiromi a mistranslation of one of her songs. XD; It’s actually called “Kuroi Hitomi.” I’ve seen the episode and know for a fact that she introduces herself as “Kurumi Nui.” Hiiragi pauses and replies “Kurumi Nui… Nui Kurumi?”, trying to figure out which order her name goes in. If you don’t believe me, watch episode 23 of the first season. =P

Question 4: You think it’s possible for Hiiragi and Kuromi to end up together?

As a fangirl of the pairing, God I hope so. He made the mistake of referring to Uta (the only girl he ever seemed to show any interest in) as his little sister and never admitted his true feelings towards her, which chased her away and she’s now dating Kakeru Kogure. Blah. I hate him.

Anyway!… I’m not really sure? I mean, he shows an interest towards Kurumi’s human form and tolerates Kuromi more so than he does My Melody. Also, his image song “FLY AWAY~Yoru no obje ni shitakunai” is a response to another one of Kurumi’s themes “Kurumi Rondo.” So maybe there’s a chance Kuromi will finally get her wish. X3

Session 2

March 11th, 2008 by KnuxieChan

More questions from iheartbadtz. Hehe. XD And don’t feel bad about asking so many questions. The last one I made up, since a lot of other people always ask me that.

Question 1: Kuromi has her own key?

Kuromi’s the only one who has a key. It’s her weapon, of sorts. My Melody has the Melody Tact. The only thing the Melody Tact can do is summon people to help reverse Kuromi’s magic.

Question 2: So My Melody likes Hiiragi too?

Only because he’s Usamimi Kamen. He’s basically a special super hero created just for her. She’s a bit delusional when it comes to realizing Hiiragi despises her.

Question 3: Does he like Kurumi?

While he admits she’s not exactly his type, he still thinks she’s cute. Kurumi/Hiiragi’s relationship is almost like Cinderella. He wants to know more about her, but she always seems to disappear before his questions can be answered. So cute. <3

Question 4: Why did he help Kuromi out in the first place?

Kuromi didn’t have enough power or control over the Dream Realm when she first started out. She spots Hiiragi and says that she can grant any wish he wants. Hiiragi rejects her at first, saying he can get anything he wants without any help. However, the Dark Bow Kuromi had reacted to Hiiragi’s emotions and he offers to help Kuromi, probably just to amuse himself and see what happens. (note: rather than accept Kuromi’s offer to help him)

Question 5: Does Hiiragi have mystical bunny powers?

Hahah. XD Not really.. bunny powers, but as Usamimi he has a few superhero powers. Ikemen Beam (Ikemen means hottie), Usamimi Punch, Usamimi Kick, Usamimi Chop, and Usamimi Grow. You can probably guess what all of those moves do. Ikemen Beam is usually his finisher move in which he takes off his Usamimi mask and flashes a beam at the enemy, which causes them to return to normal.

Question 6: Is there an English translation to Onegai My Melody?

Sadly, no. The only way you can watch it is raw, which is what I do. The story is easy enough to follow (I think) and if I knew more Japanese, I would fansub it in a heart beat but sadly, I don’t. D= I did manage to find a website with a small plot/episodes summary, which helped me understand things a little better.

Anyway.. If you still wanna watch it, I’ve uploaded some of the episodes from the first two seasons onto Another person is uploading the third season (Sukkiri) onto youtube. I’ll provide you with the links below.

Onegai My Melody
Onegai My Melody ~Kurukuru Shuffle!~
Onegai My Melody Sukkiri ♪

Session 1

March 10th, 2008 by KnuxieChan

To answer the questions of iheartbadtz

Question 1: Why is Hiiragi Usamimi Kamen?

Because Hiiragi supplied Kuromi with dark power for her Melody Key. Kuromi needs the dark power to open up the Dream Gate and uses people’s negative dreams to curse them. If the person feels satisfied after wards, a Pink Note is created. If they still feel as miserable as they started out, a Kurompu (Black Note) is created.

Baku, getting jealous that Kuromi was always oogling over Hiiragi opened a portal to Hiiragi’s dreams. Unfortunately, before they could close it again and free Hiiragi’s memories, the Spirit of Dark Power (aka Da-chan) snuck in and possesed our poor pretty boy.

Weelll, My Melody and her friends tried to stop Da-chan, but he ended up destroying the world. XDD The Queen of Mariland interupts the anime to give the girls a second chance against him.

Once Hiiragi was turned back to normal, the King and Queen held a trial to decide his fate for what could have happened. He was originally going to be turned into a tapir like Baku, but the Queen thought of Usamimi Kamen so Hiiragi could work off his punishment. My Melo had no idea Usamimi was Hiiragi and her summoning him was kind of random. XD He absoluetly hates it every time though and it isn’t until later in Kurukuru Shuffle that they all discover who Usamimi really is. He eventually worked off his ‘debt’, but My Melo continues to summon him on purpose now.

Poor Hiiragi. Having two bunny fangirls after him.

Question 2: Kuromi has a human form! How did that happen?

I’m not exactly sure of how she was able to transform.. They found some sort of enscription on her Melody Key, she performed and spell, and bam! Human Kuromi. She just wanted to turn human so she could dance with Hiiragi. My Melo and the others know who she really is, thanks to Baku, but Hiiragi is clueless, even to this day. She refers to herself as Kurumi Nui and has only made about 4-5 apperances throughout all 3 Onegai My Melody seasons.


March 10th, 2008 by KnuxieChan

While skimming over iheartbadtz’s journal, I figured I’d make an account to answer people’s questions about Onegai My Melody.

So, feel free to ask anything and I will try my best to answer. Your questions will be posted to a new entry along with the answers! =3

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