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Exploring Hello Kitty–an exciting adventure

First off, I must announce that I’m not a gamer. BUT, I LOVE HELLO KITTY! And I do anything that involves her so for the first time in my life, I learned how to play a MMO game! YAY! But, because I suck at games, despite the super cute and helpful tutorial that was made for us during the installation, it still took me half an hour to finish a few quests that would probably take others about 5 minutes to finish, lol. It only didn’t take me an hour because a couple of really nice higher leveled players helped me get started. Along the way; I found that there were a lot of helpful people and I even got recruited into an awesome guild called “Is Awesome!!!”. Turns out being a part of a guild is a lot more helpful then just asking in the open! It’s like being part of a team and your teammates provide you with items, tips, and even help! During this journey I’ve documented some of my favorite parts of the game into screenshots because I wanted to look back one day and be like “Dang! I remember that!” and now I’m going to share some of that for you guys!

The following is a picture of me when I was still in Sanrio Harbour. So young, so Level 5 =D I have my newbie clothes on and I’m not naked! YAY! Look at that–almost all my skill levels were at 1! Except for a couple that are at 3!

October 20th marked one of my most glorious moments, lol. I say this because I tried walking through East of Florapolis Valley to see what London looks like as a lower leveled character once and I died!! I was so bewildered that I tried again and still died! As a person who didn’t play games, I didn’t know that those rat and moth monsters were hurting me, LoL!! On October 20th–I finally made it to London. I was so excited I took a picture with Ten.

5 days later; I was finally able to reach North Secret Peak. But the Cur dogs were still able to wipe me out in a few minutes. lol–so sad T_T  I found a really cute London Hello Kitty lamppost on the bright side =D

As you can see more clearly in this next picture. I have just gotten my leopard sunglasses from one of the first events I decided to participate in. Originally I wasn’t going to because I thought that  I was still too stupid to complete it and then later decided that I would give it a try and SUCCEEDED!! WOOT WOOT! If you don’t remember which event it was, it was the one where you help the newbies get started ^_^ However, I didn’t feel that we needed that event to do that because there were already some people helping newbies out and I was already following in their footsteps and passing down my old items to newbies so that they can fight those evil monsters without getting wiped out so much (that was me).

One of my most favorite events was the Hello Kitty Birthday one! They totally redecorated this one building that usually doesn’t have an entrance into a Party House so that we can see Hello Kitty and all her friends celebrating with her. I went tourist on that spot and took several pictures!! Here’s a few pictures and I have to say this…I MUST SAY THIS!!! When I get married, I want my cake to look like that giant Hello Kitty Cake that replaced the fountains during Hello Kitty’s Birthday. It’s SO CUTE AND AMAZING!! Imagine what it would look like brought to life!!!

It all started with Chococat and we all began the event with building a giant chocolate cake for Hello Kitty and then get a Hello Kitty Birthday shirt in exchange to wear to the party. I’m keeping that shirt forever! WOOT WOOT FOR CHOCOCAT!!

Here’s one with one of my favorite Sanrio characters: Badtz Maru ^_^

The final pic is of me with the Hello Kitty shirt and a new set of brown hair with pigtails that I won from the birthday event! YAY!!! They were doing a quiz on Hello Kitty and I got the final question!! I will never forget what the question was about! It asked–what is the name of the little event alligator in Sanrio Harbour—POCHI!~!!!!! Who knew that my fast typing skills would come SO IN HANDY one of these days!! WOOT WOOT!! After I entered it I see like 40 POchis pop up on the screen at the same time so I actually had no idea I won until I saw kittyology flash across the screen in red. YAY!!!! That was one very glorious moment ^_^

The last event I participated in was one that seemed borderline guildwars intense (even though it wasn’t meant to be like that). Many people were accused of cheating,  lying, stealing, etc. etc. etc. But here’s my input on it–EVERY GUILD WORKED EQUALLY HARD and I’m proud of you all!! I blame the few bad apples that were within the guilds and gave them a bad rep because it made it look like the entire guild made evil plans. However, the reality is, there were most likely more people sincerely working hard on this event than the few bad apples that were out there. The event I speak of is the race to donate the most to charity–Food for Friends. People went nights with barely any sleep to make food and some have even been so stressed out to have gone pretty nuts. Even within my own guild I’ve seen people go a little KuKoo over this.  But in the end we all know that no matter what–we’re just proud to have been able to have fun and help the needy at the same time. Here’s some of the results and you can see who the top 3 guilds were.

Isn’t that amazing? over 300,000 foods donated; worth over $12,000!!! I really wished they could’ve posted the worth earlier in the event because I think some of us might have worked harder on the most expensive item (which would probably be the favorite for the poor kids!). However, if they really are going to donate whatever we made; those kids are getting A LOOOOT of chocolate milk this year. lol Woops;  our bad! I swear I’ve seen every guild just sit by the food guy in Florapolis just making Chocomilk. haha!

Here’s a funny snippet of our convo when we found out the food event was gonna go on for one more day from GM Abby.

After this event; there was an obvious calm in the air and it was very nice. With only a few hours left to this game; I decided to also put aside the quests and to just have fun in the game. So—I’ve already changed my hairstyle about 3 times just to see which is cuter! So far, I really like pigtails! However, GM-Abby had a REALLY cute rastafarian looking hair that I hope is going to be in Open Beta! Because I want it !!! She was HELLA CUTE!

Another thing done on the last day is this partial group picture of our guild @ Hello Kitty’s house. We’ve had our ups, downs, explosions, implosions,…..lol but we held together and here’s our kind-of good bye until December photo.  WE IS SO AWESOME!!!!!! (I’m at the tip of the V!! YAY!!)

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  1. Yeah, everything was awesome. Why didn’t I get invited to the last group picture T_T
    Hope u win the “Blog for Thought” event.

  2. I’ve seen you walking around multiple times!!!!! Just wanna say hi ^_^

  3. We’re glad you had fun!:D Hope to see you on OB!

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