I was at my Dad’s house this weekend and we went to a delicous Japanese restraunt. I had chicken ramen; salmon, tuna and prawn sashimi; some random sushi with wasabi in it and japanese green tea which was delicous! The next day for lunch we had Dim Sum, mmmmm…… The food is always nicer at my dad’s house ^^

lilypop ^^

I have lived in 3 different countries England, Scotland and New Zealand. I was actually born in Scotland though I don’t have even the slightest Scottish accent.

I am currently attending my 7th school (and defiantly my favourite so far) and living in my 9th house, we won’t be moving again for roughly 10 years which is fabulous as far as I’m concerned-I love my current school and despite the fact I don’t like the city we live in I want to stay here.

I think moving around alot¬†was a good experience for me-it helped me learn¬† how to make new friends quickly and means I don’t have any toddler clutter lying around, I hate the idea of living in one house all your childhood, one school-it seems boring to me, although I’ve never tried it myself. ;)

Despite that I have also visited alot of countries as well allthough I haven’t been to anywhere in Asia or America yet. I’ve been to lots of countries in Europe especially because it’s close by I suppose, I’ve gotten used to plane journeys-I actually like them more than car journeys because you can read and move around on aeroplanes and if you read in cars you end up feeling sick.

lilypop ^^


It’s really cool, I got: Planner, Ideas, Hearts, Extrovert which makes me a Mentor ;)

lilypop ^^

Hallo, Ich bin Kreativ und Intellegent. Meine Lieblingshaustiere sind Katzen, ich finde sie sehr s√ľ√ü!

Not very much but every little bit helps my language learning! ^^

lilypop ^^

I have been delaying this for sometime knowing that you’ll all think I’m insane, but who cares? So here is my Twilight fan-girl post, Enjoy! (or not) ;)

My favourite characters are:¬†Alice Cullen (She completely and utterly rocks!), Vampire Bella (I cannot stand her whiny human-ness but she is awesome once she becomes a vampire) and Esme (she’s altogether kind and lovely)

I do not like the characters of: Jacob (Arghhhh! Someone stab the stupid dog already), Leah (stuck-up b****) or Rosalie (she drives me up the wall with shallowness)

I begged my Mum for hours to get me Breaking Dawn, she stubbornly refused saying it was mind-numbing  trash and I should read intelligent books instead of wasting time on teenage vampire romance-she eventually agreed and I am reading it for the 5th time cause I loved it so much! (If you count all the times I have read the books together I have read them 22 times since I got them in February, X_X)

I have seen the movie, liked it but didn’t love it, Robert Patterson (Edward) scares the life out of me, he’s CREEPY!¬†Blah XP

I am most defiantly for Team Edward, I do not like Jacob and I will never like Jacob. Or Team Alice if one is ever made!

I do realise the literary content is lacking but I don’t care I love the books and I don’t mind if people hate them/think they are crap/want to burn them, etc. In fact I actually watch a You-Tube channel about why people like Twilight and how crap it is because it’s interesting to see it from someone else’s perspective.

I completly love it, the whole thing-flaws and all, and I think it’s a well deserved best-seller!

I will be doing a follow-up post with my favourite quotes so be prepared for eye-gouging boredom, LOL!

lilypop ^^

Hallo¬†Ich hei√üe¬†. Ich bin zw√∂lf Jahre alt. Ich mag Hallo K√§tzchen und die purpurrote Farbe.¬†Ich habe braune, glatte, lange Haare und braune Augen. Ich habe einen Bruder und zwei Schritt-Schwestern. Ich lebe im s√ľdwestlichen England. Es ist zwei√üig Uhr vier√üig und heute ist Montag, den 16. M√§rz.

That’s the extent of my German thanks for reading ;)

lilypop ^^ 

Be warned there’s alot of them! ^^


At Paris with Melody


Chatting in London


Meditating under the calming temple after a days stressful questing….


Hello Kitty decided to visit my farm! ^^ (farm is now deceased)


Finishing off Bearmyrocks’s house (or statue, whatever :P)


My first screenie of my new makeover! ;)


In London ^^


In Paris at the Eifel Tower


Staring out over the lake in N. Secret Peak


Sightseeing at Big Ben


Hello Kitty in my farm again, I think GM-Zel’s controlling her….


My character page (I’ve already posted this but who cares?)


More character info and I have a clone with hair dye!?! :0


Sorosis gathering for Helping hearts event -_- (I got about 470 altogether >.<)


Quick screenie break ^^


Pretty rose tree!


Saying goodbye to Kitty ToT


My final goodbye before logging off and getting some sleep. (I had a plane to catch in the morning >.<)

Waaaaah! Missing HKO right now, lucky GM’s you get to play it all day!!!

                                                                                                             lilypop ToT

In my “about me” page I mentioned that I read too much, well here’s an explanation of what I mean.

I have two¬†roughly 1m¬†stacks of books on my floor because my bookcase was overflowing, all of these books were bought in the last 2 years at most and there are about 75 books contained in those stacks-I couldn’t be bothered to count my bookcase so please don’t bother asking about that-anyway here’s some pics:




And, yes, thoses are 3 of the Twilight books at the top (just got them last week) and I am anxiously waiting for my Mum to let me get the 4th, I am praying Sainsbury’s have it otherwise I will be waiting another week! XP

                                           Hope you liked the insight into my life, lilypop ^^

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