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Sorry I only had screenies of failures not attempts so can’t really do that anymore sooo…….. Here’s me ^^

My previous outfit:


My new outfit:


Whatcha think? Please comment ^^

                                                                                                                lilypop ^^

The Happy Hearts event has been brilliant and I loved every second of it….. ecxept farming, during HH I have had to re-plant my farm 3 times making a total of 27,000$ spent on plants alone, this is because of a new system which requires you to water your plants every 15 minutes¬†(or they all die)¬†which is pretty much impossible if you are doing a quest,chatting with friends,taking screenies or doing anything but sitting in your farm.

Which has¬†thourghly pissed me off if I’m honest, a good thing they made was that friends can help you harvest your farm and it goes straight into your inventory which is ingenious and I love it! Also new farm styles have been made which I also love they cost 20,000-5,000$ (i have¬†a 20,000$ one) and look pretty.

My farm:20090214094406.jpg

The whole farm thing cost me alot 47,000$¬† (HKO money remember) and hours of wasted time, the GM’s were very helpful with this and it’s the system I am angry with not them. I will post screenies of the planted then dead farms on a new post.

                                                                                                                    lilypop ^^ 

I can’t stand this tension, I have to do my homework, eat dinner go to bed and wake up at 2am before I can play HKO. To put this in perspective for those who aren’t in my timezone (lots of people) It is 4:30pm here, HKO is starting at 3am (for me) as I am 5 hours ahead (give or take a few minutes) of EST.

                                                                                                                    lilypop ^^

I got my ¬†installer patch today! No I didn’t delete my client, there were too many happy memories inside that thing so even when OB client comes out I’ll keep it as a happy memory!

In other unrealated news I finally saw the Twilight movie last week! I was dying to see it and it was fabulous even my little brother was happy (there was a big fighting scene which he loved) if you haven’t allready, WATCH IT, I comand you to see it at some point in your life! Even the music¬†was fab! I am so¬†gonna buy the books this weekend I can’t bear the cliff hanger!

                                                                                                     lilypop ^^ 

In a weeks time I’ll be back in the bright, happy online world of Hello Kitty…!

Also in unrealated news it’s been snowing all week, heaviest in 18 Years, and I have had two snowdays off school! I have spent loads of time building snowmen and having snowball fights, it’s the first real snowfall I have¬†ever had in my life.

                                                                                                                 Lilypop ^^

I can’t wait to help all the newbies in Happy Hearts ^^ I’ll bake them all cakes and help them with impossible quests and tempt them with stories of places they can’t get to like London! Also means new recruits for Misfits Guild! If you wanna know more check it out here. PS: I’m trying out a “trackback” on GM-Abby’s blog, comment if it works!

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