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I can’t find my end-of-HKO screenies I took with my friends :( Does anyone here know which folder it saves them in? I know you push F11 to take them but where does it save them? If you have played HKO and have the faintest idea where it might be please comment!

 Lilypop ^^

Hiya it’s lilypop here, I’m missing my HKO very much and my guild the Misfits. If you came to visit my old blog I’m sorry but i deleted it and made this one instead. I love Christmas and have been icing my mums home-made christmas cake here’s a pic-click on the link to see it!

Christmas cake!

 Christmas cake topping

Figures made by me and my mum did the rest! ^^

Merry Christmas everyone!

Lilypop ^^

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