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Today we started design technology in tech-meaning wood/metal/plastic work-and we have to use electric saw thingys. I am terrified of cutting my finger off (when we did sewing I was terrified of spearing my finger with the sewing mchine needle) I guess I’m just paranoid but whenever I do practical work something goes wrong.

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Hihi, I’ve been busy for awhile with homework, ect. And I felt like doing some blogging so here’s some¬†random things that I did this week:

Went back to school, Finally got free of two evil supply teachers (Textiles + Maths), Got another one of my friends to read the Twilight series (Mwhahahaa), , Made BANANA MUFFINS! Yummmiiii!

Also I’ve taken to using i’s to replace letters, eg: bai, hai, okai, Yummi, funni ect.¬†

And, yeah, I’ll be posting my stuff I learnt last German lesson with Frau Brightman -_- And… Bai!

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I had a really great time in Scotland, I saw some of my cousins I haven’t seen for years again, the weather was suprisingly good-I thought it would be snowing lol-but actually it was nice and sunny :) And I got a go on a Wii Fit thingy which was really cool-I especially liked the yoga ^^

The view was very pretty but I couldn’t take any pictures cause my Mum stole my camera and took it with her to Spain for her rock climbing holiday :P (My dad took me and my brother to Scotland whilst mum and my step-dad went to Spain) Also I showed my younger cousin the Twilight movie and now she’s buying the books and the film too, Wahahaha :P

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Bye guys, I’m going to Scotland this weekend to see my family! I’ll be back on Monday (I think).

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Wheeeeee! I just got it today, my Mum needed some new clothes for her rock climbing¬†holiday in Spain so we went shopping and I saw it for sale and I was, like, “I have to get that!” and long story short I now own it! :D

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I hope the alternating fonts show up. It’s kinda crap but I write these just for fun so I don’t really care, lol¬†:P The whole point is the contrasts between the¬† writing style of the visions she sees and the actual story. The visons relate to things that happen only in different settings to where they actually happen. Yeah, I know, weird but I don’t really care.

Inside a dark misty clearing I stand, the freezing cold air chilling my bones. In front of me a ruby red apple hangs from a thin golden thread, crystal clear through the haze.Unthinkingly I stumble towards it, my bare feet catching on the twisted roots which underlay the thick jade green wild-grass. But I do not travel anywhere as I move my legs; I am no closer to the apple than I was originally.

Frantically I increase my pace, sprinting as fast as I can through the undergrowth. I need the apple desperately, if I do not have it I will die, but I still do not move nearer. I am trapped. Doomed to never reach my design…

My gaze refocused on the world around me and with a start I took in the curious and worried faces surrounding me.

My favourite songs:

Supermassive Black Hole By Muse

Untouched By the Veronicas

A Twilight Parody that I loved:

‘Twilight’ Parody By the Hillywood Show

Enjoy! ;) It’s the holidays @ the moment here and I’ve been passing the time by writing short stories, I might or might not post them-depends if they’re too long and if they’re rubbish :P

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PS: I also wanted to share that I have a SanrioTown Indonesia account (not in indonesian though cause I don’t understand it) here it is:

Lilypop’s blog of misfit randomness (2)


Proof of working: I got 712, you won’t understand why that proves it till you have a look! ^^

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Today is the birthday of our Guild Mascot Badtzy! (Lots of other guilds share him too of course ;))

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