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so tired

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

i have no time topost anything right now,but please check back soon im planning to kick off the new year with a great start!

hai everyone

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

happy holidays! here’s a little gift for you:

tommorow i will post a bit about my cat!if you want the code for this gift and larger size visit the gifts for you section!

not that lazy…

Monday, December 8th, 2008

oh noes! the date onmy blog is wrong so uhm i fixed it!sorry everyone i just now realized i started doing my homework and i have to say,doing christmas around the world is pretty boring,heres some of my work please do not copy anything,oh and to let everyone know im doing new years!thats not even christmas!

Over years more and more different ways to celebrate new years were formed. It wasn’t until   1556 that the country Belgium started  to celebrate New Year’s on January first.    The way they celebrated it back then is very   different from the way we celebrate it now,   for example back then, and to them new years is    when the Julian calendar is reformed. Nowadays    we celebrate the coming of the New Year and to wish friends, and relatives the best of luck for  the New Year. As the United States culture gets more diverse the more its traditions and ways change.

heh?nice huh? im not done yet but heres some stuff for you guys to read!i did not write these btw i just found them

random quote”

“I fear the man who has practiced the same kick 10,000 times

-bruce lee

ooh ooh ohh,what bruce lee favorite drink? WHATAA!

thats a stupid joke i learned from my cousin,verryy stupid;P

please keep a look out for a new poll, i was thinking about a favorite holiday candy or food. what do you think?

please comment different types of holiday candies that you would like to see as choices for the polls! thanks