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SanrioTown Email Maintenance, July 10, 2019

Hello, SanrioTown!

We would like to inform you that SanrioTown mail service is currently inaccessible. This is to ensure the highest security and performance levels for our services. We will inform you once SanrioTown mail service is resumed.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

32 Responses to “SanrioTown Email Maintenance, July 10, 2019”

  1. Sophie Says:

    Currently? The email has been inaccessible for close to 2 weeks now! This is unacceptable. When will the mail service resume? Please be a little bit more specific in your rather poor communication.

  2. 勇者プクリン Says:


  3. Lucie Says:

    Any idea on when it will be available again?

  4. Choy Says:

    It’s down for some days already and I cannot find anywhere to complain or enquire until I see this notice today. When will the mail service be resumed?
    I found that it always happen recently although the duration might be only one two days before.

  5. Lexy Says:

    It’s been almost two weeks we can’t access our emails which is ridiculous, I have important emails I need to get to regarding an internship I applied to but I can’t check because of this super long maintenance. I really don’t understand how you don’t have a date when the maintenance will be over seeing as how it has been under maintenance for almost two weeks. You guys really need to fix it. And the fact that you guys don’t have any type of customer service is just sad and horrible. After this I won’t be using this site for emails anymore because you guys are just so unreliable. Really upsetting.

  6. Heather Ballou Says:

    There has been too many problems. After this is up & running I’m switching over to another email & closing this account. I have orders that I can’t check the tracking on because I haven’t been able to access my emails. I’m so done with your problems. Inexcusable.

  7. Jenna Haring Says:

    This is ridiculous. The server has been down for almost two weeks. We need to check our emails!

  8. Pipper Says:

    It is ridiculous. The email has been down for over two weeks. There has been no notification or indication of when it is expected to be restored and no one actually even answers any questions about it. In the recent past this has happened several times for several days at a time and there has been no acknowledgement of that either.

    It is not a reliable service and I too intend to move all my emails and delete the account once I can log in and redirect my mail.

  9. Mia Says:

    Please let us know when we will be able to get to our email. I have tried to contact yo several times with mail, twitter and facebook, without success.
    I need to get to my emails ASAP…

  10. Francesca Says:


  11. Aiko Says:

    This Sanrio mail service is horrible…I can not access my email frequently since last year! And it has been under maintenance for 2 weeks!??! Can’t you spend more resources or explain clearly what is going on now!!!???

  12. Rikkule Says:

    This is ridiculous. What kind of maintenance is this? ‘Building the server from scratch’.. done by the trainee? Its a Mailservice… not rocket science. Or is there far more behind all this? A little bit more communication would be great -.-

  13. Barker Says:

    Is this the same maintenance as last September/ October or gas the mail system been up for a few months?

  14. Michele mdm Says:

    Still unable to access mailbox emails.

  15. debora Says:

    How many more time? It´is been three weeks since you are doing the maintenance

  16. Kit wah Says:

    It has been three weeks, and I have multiple important emails that I still can’t charge.
      Can it be restored in the end?

  17. Barker Says:

    Obviously the email is unlikely ever again to be restored..

  18. Sandy Chan Says:

    Please expedite in the maintenance.
    I am not able to access to my email.

    Thank you.

  19. Catherine Says:

    真的是很不知所謂, 無了期的maintenance, 之前已經試過很多次不能login, 從未見過那麼差的service, 我都已經放棄了不再用它了, 只是偶然上來看看還有什麼email還未被轉移, 但等了那麼多天還要說maintenance, 很失望, 早走早著!!!

  20. Brianna Corkin Says:

    How long is this “maintenance” supposed to last? I haven’t been able to log in for weeks!

  21. bz Says:


  22. Brittny Gray Says:

    I need to access my email!!!!!!!!!!! This is not funny!!!

  23. teresian Says:

    Hi! So now it is 2 weeks of maintenance. I really hope that the fact that the whole login-page has been inaccessible since last night is a sign that you are close to solve the problems. An update of how the process is going on your side would be much appreciated.

  24. Karen Says:

    Disappointed! Always under maintenance.

  25. pauline Says:

    when will my mail accessible?

  26. Nina Says:

    I need to check my E-Mails :-( when is the maintenance ready?

  27. Kittynator Says:

    Please make an alternate email that is not hosted on sanriotown. This can help in case you can’t access the sanriotown email.

  28. Sophie Says:


  29. Barker Says:

    Understand that the maintenance will be done and the email will be available from 31st September.

  30. Barker Says:

    Last posting a joke, just like Sanriotown email, there is never a 31st September
    If the Kittynator is saying move from Sanriotown it’s a serious problem

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    I can’t login my account also. Someone please help to fix. Thank you.

  32. Hair extensions London Says:

    I can’t login my account also.


    Thank you.

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