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Food for Friends 2 top guilds announced!

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

hko new york To show our appreciation to everyone who participated in Food for Friends 2, we are happy to announce the top 6 contributing guilds per region. You will find the appropriate list of winners in the relevant publisher websites. Click on one of the following to see the list of winners in that region:

North America
Singapore & Malaysia

The winners listed will receive special Loyalty Point prizes based on their standings. But remember, each player who participated is already a winner, because on top of the prizes winners receive, those who took part in Food for Friends 2 will receive Loyalty Points equal to their guild’s total donation points divided by the number of guild members who took part in the event.

Items created and donated in Food For Friends 2 were used to calculate a donation to Doctors Without Borders to benefit relief efforts in Haiti. For more details please click here. Congratulations to all participating guilds, and we hope you enjoyed Food for Friends 2!

The Hello Kitty Online team

Food for Friends 2 Results: HKO players raise money for Haiti

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

During the last week of January 2010, Hello Kitty Online held a special charity event called Food for Friends 2. The goal of the event was to track the in-game efforts of players and convert them into real-world donations to Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres) for the benefit of Haiti earthquake victims. And now, we are pleased to announce the results!

Food for Friends 2

By the end of the 10-day event, Hello Kitty Online players from across different regions generated a staggering total 1,248,257 virtual crafted items! We won’t bore you with the arithmetic, but at the end of the day this means a donation to Doctors Without Borders for the sum of US$ 18,038.30!

The donation is sponsored by Sanrio Digital as well as Burda:ic GmbH and Oriented Games. Sanrio Digital will make the donation on behalf of HKO players and publishers. North American publisher Aeria Games is arranging for its own donation independently.

Donation receipts will be posted on the Hello Kitty Online website.

On behalf of all sponsors, we would like to extend our gratitude to the players who selflessly dedicated their time and effort to this event. Your efforts will make a difference to the people of Haiti, who suffered a terrible catastrophe. Please consider making your own donation to Doctors Without Borders or any other aid organization. We hope that you enjoyed the opportunity to help those in need. See you in the next event!

Update: Sanrio Digital has made the donation to Doctors Without Borders on behalf of HKO, its players, and sponsor publishers. Click here for details!

The Hello Kitty Online team

Forums Maintenance, 23 February 2010, HKT

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

There will be maintenance done on the forums tomorrow, 23 February 2010, from 12:00 - 2:00 P.M. (Hong Kong time, or GMT +8). During this time, you may have difficulty accessing the SanrioTown forums, but it will go back to normal after the time frame mentioned. Don’t worry, all your posts will be retained.

During this time, you might also be encountering problems with your Sanrio Loyalty Points, as  the system is also going through maintenance at this period.

We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.

Thank you for choosing SanrioTown!

Celebrating the Chinese New Year and a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Continuing in our celebration of both holidays, new Valentines and Chinese New Year themed layouts are now available for your SanrioTown Blogs!

Not only that, but new wallpapers, calendars and other goodies are now available in the download section! Just a suggestion: you may try to use the new wallpapers/backgrounds for you desktops, Twitter accounts and anywhere you like!



sanriotown_bg_02 sanriotown_bg_03

We hope you like the new designs! And remember, if you don’t have a SanrioTown account yet, you can sign up now for free!

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Special Ecard Greetings from SanrioTown!

Friday, February 12th, 2010

ecard February 14 is a very important day this year! The world will be celebrating Valentine’s Day (the Day of Hearts, Singles Awareness Day, or whatever you want to call it!) as well as the coming of the Chinese New Year all in one day!

To commemorate both occasions, SanrioTown has just released a series of ecards exclusively for our members! Here is a sneak peek:

If you don’t have a SanrioTown account yet, don’t worry! You can sign up now for a free account!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! And a Happy Chinese New Year too!

Hello Kitty’s Valentine’s Day Surprise (Feb 11-16, 2010)

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Celebrate love and friendship with Hello Kitty’s Valentine’s Day Surprise, the new event brought to you by Hello Kitty Online! This special event runs February 11-16, 2010, and brings exciting additions to the game!

Special Valentine’s quests

The Love Bug has come to town for a visit, and he’s doing what he does best: spreading warm, fuzzy feelings to celebrate the month of love and friendship. He’s preparing a bunch of gifts, but he needs a little help from you to finish. Visit the Love Bug in Florapolis and see how you can lend him a hand!

A familiar guest is in town for the festivities: Cupid! The messenger of love is looking for groups of people willing to help him. In order to help Cupid you will need to work together with other players in our brand new Grouping system! So form a group and go talk to Cupid in Sanrio Harbour!

The quests from Cupid and the Love Bug will only be available until the end of February 15, 2010, so be sure to finish all your quests by then!

New feature: Group system

From February 11, 2010 onwards you and your friends will be able to group together and take on special challenges that are only available through the new Group system. Being in a group will allow you to access Cupid’s special quest chain. It will also make your adventures more exciting! Note: you must be in a group to start Cupid’s quests!

More details on the Group system coming soon, so stay tuned!

Return of the Dream Room tutorials

The Valentine’s update sees the return of the Dream Room, the special tutorial stage for new players. New players will find themselves in a four-room zone where friendly Sanrio characters will show them the basics of HKO.

Limited-edition items

This event introduces many cute new items for your character. Simply collect Happy Hearts and exchange them for the cool new items at any Party Master NPC located in all major cities. You get Happy Hearts by completing Valentine’s day event quests, or by playing the Emote Game (play by talking to the Party Master NPC in any major city). If you have leftover Birthday Tokens and Candy Cane Shards from previous HKO events, you can turn them into Happy Hearts simply by right-clicking on them!

The main Valentine’s event – February 15, 2010
Gather around Sanrio Harbour on February 15, 2010 and wait for the Game Master’s signal to participate in another massive cooperation game, where special treats are in store for all players! Don’t miss the big party!

Love is in the air this February, so come celebrate Valentine’s Day with Hello Kitty and fans! We hope you enjoy Hello Kitty’s Valentine’s Day Surprise!

Spread the Love on Facebook with Hello Kitty Online: The Introduction!

Friday, February 5th, 2010

valentineshko.jpgDo you know someone who likes Hello Kitty? You can now create and send beautiful Hello Kitty Online gift boxes on Facebook! We’re here to tell you about a cool new functionality we added to Hello Kitty Online: The Introduction.

To start, simply go to HKO: The Introduction ( See the big present icon? Click on that to customize your own beautiful gift box, add your personal message, then send it to a friend!

If your friends click on the gift box they will be taken to HKO: The Introduction, where they can play a tutorial for Hello Kitty Online. Remember that HKO: The Introduction is a tutorial that shows you the basics of how to play! This is not the full game, but only an introduction! For the full version of Hello Kitty Online please visit