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Tuxedosam’s Big Pond Fishing Minigame

hellokittyonline.jpgIn line with our beta testing, we would like to share with you some new minigames that we are preparing for Hello Kitty Online. Based on comments from previous betas, we’ve come up with new minigames that are more addictive, challenging, and most of all, fun! To start off, here is our very own Tuxedosam, who needs your help catching some fish! Click here or on the image below to play the game.

Tuxedosam’s Big Pond Fishing

So how was it? Whether you liked just the way it is or have ideas on how to improve it, we’d like to hear what you think! Please let us know by dropping a comment or emailing us at You may also discuss it on the HKO forums, share your comments and high scores with the world!

We look forward to your feedback, and hope you enjoyed the game!

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    happy birthday hello kitty and many more

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