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“Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams” Exclusive Discount for Sanriotown Members!

hellokittybigcity.jpgSanriotown is offering an exclusive discount for its members if they avail of “Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams”, available on Autumn 2008 exclusively on the Nintendo DS. Simply spend 1,000 of your Kitty Points and you get 15% discount when you purchase the game! You’ll even automatically get an open beta account for the much-anticipated MMORPG, Hello Kitty Online!

For more information about this great deal, please click here.

6 Responses to ““Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams” Exclusive Discount for Sanriotown Members!”

  1. shesroyaltee Says:

    “pre-order submitted successfully”
    mission accomplished. = ]

  2. hkfood Says:

    what happens if you don’t have 1000 kittypoints?

  3. Says:

    i think if you dont have 1000 kittypoints you can still preorder it for the full price of 29.99 instead of the 24.99 but you stiff get the HKO OB account with it. = ]

  4. stephanie Says:

    OMG Hello Kitty RULE THE WORLD

  5. stephanie Says:

    what is kittypoint? i don’t understand!!

  6. Tami Says:

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