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Look Who Won the Contest!

ripplecloud_prize.jpgRipplecloud, our very own HKO Trailer Contest Winner, received her prize today from the Sanriotown Staff! The gorgeous, Hello Kitty tote bag available only in Japan along with her limited edition 1 gig Hello Kitty memory stick!

Congratulations, Ripplecloud! Read up about her package in her blog and visit her award winning Hello Kitty Online Trailer here. Watch out for more of our fabulous Sanriotown Contests coming soon!

4 Responses to “Look Who Won the Contest!”

  1. The Raz Says:

    Hello Kitty. :) Have you seen the paintings done by Leslie Holt? Here is an interview with her.

  2. DreamSpirit Says:

    Cute prize! Congratulations Ripplecloud!

  3. Sealgirl123 Says:

    Yah congrats Ripplecloud hope you have fun with that bag.

  4. ripplecloud•云云 :D Says:

    Thanks DreamSpirit and Sealgirl123 ^^

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