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Sanriotown Kitty Shop Opens Pre-ordering of Dream Items

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

Finally, they’re here. The kitty items you yourselves designed and chose!
Your Sanrio dream items (bag, shirt, and umbrella) are now waiting for you at the Kitty Shop. Make your pre-order now because only 1000 of each dream product are available for pre-odering. However, it does not mean that the first 1000 people who order will automatically be able to purchase the items. Sanriotown will be using the lottery method to select the potential buyers of these wonderful products. You will be asked to give the first four digits of your credit card account for verification purposes.

Pre-ordering is open until May 30, 2007. Pre-order and get a chance to be one of the few who can sport these trendy items once Sanriotown proceeds with putting the products on sale.

About Kitty Shop

Kitty Shop is a special feature in Sanriotown opened a few months back wherein: (1) Sanriotown users answered a survey and voted on their dream items; (2) results were gathered and samples of the dream items were presented; and now, (3) pre-ordering is officially open.

So everyone, pronto! Log your pre-orders using your Sanriotown account.

Dazzling Moment Official Blog, Up

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

Sanriotown’s DreamStudio competition entitled “A Dazzling Moment” created the latest buzz in the official online community of Hello Kitty and Friends.

Thus, to keep Sanriotowners in the know about this contest, a blog was made for this specific contest to guide and give additional information to interested individuals on the contest details.

The theme, “A Dazzling Moment,” focuses on memorable and special moments that make life beautiful. In this competition, Sanriotown members can share their best moments to the rest of the world and earn a chance to win cool and exquisite prizes. To get the latest updates and scoop on the contest, check out the official contest blog:

Sanriotown Dazzling Moment Banner

Take this opportunity to shine and be heard, join “A Dazzling Moment: It’s your time to shine…” Video-Making Contest.

DreamStudio's video competition, launched

Thursday, April 12th, 2007

Precious moments are forever, so are diamonds!

Shine your way to an exquisite diamond pendant from MabelleLife, Hong Kong’s premier online fashion diamond jewelry store. Entitled, A Dazzling Moment: “It’s your time to shine,” all you have to do is create a video of your memorable moments in Sanriotown’s DreamStudio. Upload your videos, photos, and MP3s and share a celebrated moment in your life. Use various effects, particularly the TWINKLE screen effect, to weave your dazzling masterpiece. Upon saving your video, put “dazzling moment” in the tags to make your entry official.

Three titles and exciting prizes are yours for the taking:

Grand Prix: MabelleLife precious diamond pendant


Most Popular Award: Panasonic Video Digital Recorder (VDR-D220 )

Judges’ Pick: Sony Cyber-Shot Digital Camera (DSC-T10 Pink)



Video entries will be judged based on the following:

  • Creativity – DreamStudio features were maximized: use of video, photos, effects and background music can be found in the finished product.
  • Mileage – Comment activity and users’ ratings generated during the competition period.
  • Overall Appeal – The effectiveness of the delivery of the message and the impact of the video to the viewers.


Competition runs from April 11, 2007 until May 11, 2007.

What are you waiting for? Shine now!

To know more about the contest, click here.

Join the contest? Signup or log on to Sanriotown.

Add Kitty News to your Blogroll

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

Get the latest news and updates on – the official online community of Hello Kitty and friends – here in Kitty News Blog. Add Kitty News Blog to your blogroll for easy access. Here’s how:

  • Login to your Sanriotown account and click on the Blog tab.
  • Inside the Blog section, click on Blogroll link on the top navigation bar.
  • Then, choose “Add Link
  • On the “Name” field, put Kitty News Blog

Jumpin' Easter Fun Here in Sanriotown

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

Make this Easter season the best and most memorable one by sending e-cards and creating your own videos here in Sanriotown.

DreamStudio, Sanriotown’s advanced web technology that enables users to create and direct their own flash movies by simply uploading videos, photos and MP3 music, has four new effects that are easter-themed. Your favorite Sanrio characters enjoying the Easter season are featured in the new effects.

You can also send Easter e-cards to your family and friends in celebration of this meaningful season. Choose from over 15 new and exciting designs starring Hello Kitty and friends. Happy Easter, everyone!
E-card for all

Join in the fun at Sanriotown! Jump on to: and start sending e-cards and making your Easter videos!