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Hello Kitty with Kellogg’s products, yumm

Wee! Last night, while we’re about to enter the grocery, we passed by this little booth of Kelloggs. There’s this promo of buying Kellogg’s products with the chance of picking a paper in a fishbowl and winning a prize! The major prizes are the Hello Kitty and Minna No Tabo bowls. The minor prizes include a small plastic spoon and a bowl hugger both come in Kitty and Tabo designs.

I bought 3 cereal boxes so I can get 3 chances to get the bowl. Here are the cereal boxes! WooHoo. I didn’t include the Kellogg’s frosties (but that is also one of my favorites)


So cute, Kitty and Tabo in the boxes! I haven’t tried the Coco Pops but I like the Corn flakes. I bought 2 liters of milk in the grocery to go with my cereals. hehe :)


So cuuuuuuute…..!!!

And here are the prizes that I was able to get. Lucky me I got one of each kind.


I hoped that I would get the Kitty bowl but Tabo’s cute too. And what a coincidence that I also got the Tabo spoon and bowl hugger. All Tabo items. heeheee ;)

I hope Kellogg’s will collaborate again with Sanrio in the future and have more Sanrio characters and more exciting items for us!!!


Sunbright Express!


Wow, what a really nice train station. I tried to ride it but I don’t have a ticket. I don’t know yet how to get a ticket. I just visited this new place around.


Here’s Kiki and Lala at the Pantheon. So cute! They are from Beijing


Here’s a souvenir pic of Tippy in the West Sun Land. You see there’s my character KYLINE on the right side. hehe =). My hubby’s using it to chat with me. ‘Coz if I’m nowhere to be found, I’m only at Hello Kitty Online World.

I’m here gathering purple dandelions. I need Hoverbell’s powder. 3 Hoverbell’s powder to make the imbued silver. Hoverbell <level 19>. I can only stun 2 Hoverbell’s when my energy’s complete. wah…

Lvl 18 HKO, woot!

My last quest today was of Dear Daniel asking me to get Moso Bamboo( southwind grassland), thorny vines(wind pathway) and Windbell wart (South Secret Peak/Middle Secret Peak???).


Has problems of raising money. Wants to get Level 4 farm to plant lettuce.

Needs lettuce for a quest to make a hamburger. Only lettuce is the missing ingredient for my hamburger.waHHH…

Will be able to go to Paris soon I hope. :) It’s quite tiring to earn money, I hope they made items a lot valuable. haha

Hello Kitty Giants Orange Puppet

This is one of the items my brother bought home from me from Japan!

It’s so cute!

Cheer Kitty Cheer!


Go HeeHee!


Don’t be shy Kitty, WooHOO!! Cheer meows!


Kitty’s name on her jersey-KT! Wow!!

so cute.

Brother gave me more items, haven’t posted it here yet. heehe

including- Tempura Kitty glassware, towels hihi

New Kitty Stuff from Japan!

WooHoo! My aunt and her family just came back from Japan and they brought me home these goodies!

These are just the best!

She said that the Sanrio theme park there are for kindergartens only, but I’m sure to go when I visit Japan soon! That’s my honeymoon wish…

this is the plastic bag of the goodies. definitely cute

the chopsticks are nice. the kitty drawing is just so cute! She’s eating!
these stickers you can put in stuff like boxes and notebooks where you can put your name on it. it;s like a tag. cute?


My new Hello Kitty Little Red Riding Hood plushie!

picture-004.jpgHubby gave me this when I came back from vacation! Weee! It’s this plushie that I have been craving for! Woohooo!!

Kitty’s bath time

These are some of Kitty’s pictures when she took a bath a few months ago:) I love these pictures of her. Floating white cat=p


Kitty’s been soaked!


Kitty being washed. Whoosh ! Whoosh!

n569224477_1339044_7705.jpg Relax Kitty in the bath tub!

Kitty with her entire plushie toys

I love plushies and Kitty is my 1st authentic HelloKitty plushie which I instantly love and hugged every night. She was a Christmas present for me by my Hubby last Dec 2005 making her birthday Dec 23 2005. Since then, I started adopting plushies and plushies:)


Find Kitty in thisĀ  group of plushies. Heeeheee. Cute plushies just make me smile:)


It’s Christmas time and the cold season too. Kitty sports her green scarf while eating Hello Kitty Gummie candies for dessert:)

Got Mulberrie House certificate

But the game’s over tomorrow. At least i got the certificate. teehee;)



After I found out how much work is needed to get the house done, I believe I won’t be able to finish it on time… so I guess i’ll be back for Open beta. Teehee;) Thanks to my very helpful guildmates.

Got NewYork Land Certificates!

Whoopee! However, the Founder’s Beta will be over tomorrow. I got these pics for my souvenir




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