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Hello Kitty Nakajima Fairy Tale series

Want these all!!!I have the ‘Hansel and Gretel’ and ‘Aladdin’ from this series

Posted these pictures here so I can look back at them anytime I want. teehee


Hello Kitty Sleeping Beauty. How cute! Kitty has the Prince Charming by her side while she sleeps. And all the kitties from this series are in full costume.


HomaYgad! So love everything from the series. Little Red Riding Hood so cute with the Big Bad Wolf by her side.


Look at all the colorful clothes they have on. They also have the rabbit! How creative!

***PIC OF WIZARD OF OX here***

I also came across their Goldilocks but I never get to find the picture of it as of the moment. Pretty soon, theses pictures will not be available on the internet so I’m happy to store them here for future look.

PuroLand plushies

Been playing with my plushies (different characters such as the ones I have now: Minna No Tabo, ChocoCat, Kerokerokeroppi, Cinnamoroll and Hello Kitty) and figured out I want more plush characters. Not much on ebay. I spotted that in Puroland , there are many plushies of different characters!

Here are some of the photos of them. Plushies I want from Puroland!


Here’s Ahiru No Pekkle. I’ve known his name since my childhood days. I have lots of stationaries and papers of this character back then. I remember this stationary set of Ahiru which I treasured along with my other Sanrio stationaries including Zashikibuta, Mr. Bear’s Dream and Winkipinki. I loved Winkipinki back then;even with only one Winkipinki item (an autograph). I also had that Zashikibuta cut out paper;so cute.

I was a stationary collector when I was a child. Lots and lots of Sanrio stationaries. Remember -”We are Dinosaurs”? We also had that one.



Pochacco the Yorimichi Dog. Yes, I remember well my stationaries and fans that say -the Yorimichi Dog- though I don’t know what it means. Can someone tell me?

My brother loves Pochacco and even knows that his favorite food is ice cream!



This character is new to me. Though at first glance, I thought ‘what creature is this?’. It’s kinda creepy and scaly? But after a few stares, I found him cute too. I love plushies and I love to own one Hangyodon plush myself.


I’m a 90’s kid and haven’t  encountered  Tuxedo Sam in our local Sanrio shop here. Seen Tuxedo Sam in a Hello Kitty DS Game. He owns a restaurant there and Kitty earns money while helping Tuxedo Sam in his restaurant. It’s somewhat like Diner Dash (also finished this one in DS). That’s the best that I can remember. I finished a game in DS called,  Hello Kitty Big City Dreams!


CoroCoro Kuririn

Haven’t grown up with Kuririn. I guess he’s one of the newer characters of Sanrio. Found out he has a girlfriend named Sakura. How cute.


Bad Badtz Maru (isn’t that right? that’s what I remember from the old days)

XOXO. Also known Badtz Maru since childhood. Only in the later days. Got little stuff from this character back then. I remember I had thick hard paper fans of him. He goes more to my brother ‘coz he looks like he’s for a boy. I had more of the My Melodys, Keroppis and stuff. He had more of the ‘We are Dinosaurs and Badtz Maru’ hehe..

Just too bad, my stationary collection weren’t preserved. Don’t know where they are now since we moved to a new house back then.

More plushies More plushies!!!

Sanrio has got lots of characters and I want plushies of them. One of each would be okay with me. Gotta save money for my future Puroland trip so I can buy one plushie per character. haha! Oh, when and when would that ever happen! I just wish it would be before my 30’s!

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