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Kitty’s Adventures in Beijing, China



I brought Kitty with me during  my last visit to China.

You can see she’s all geared up wearing her blue sweater.

I also bought her a winter jacket to protect her from the cold breeze.

The weather at that time was around 0-10 degrees celcius.


We saw pandas at the Panda Zoo.


And Oh look who’s sitting right there covered in a black bag! Kitty’s freezing cold.


Aha! I got Kitty to pose right there for the camera to capture the view.

This was at the Temple of Heaven.

We didn’t get to have pictures at the Great wall and the Forbidden City because of the busy tour schedule. It’s really cold up the Great wall.


Kitty’s really cold even with her winter jacket.


Here’s Kitty playing inside the hotel room.

That’s a Panda Hat for her!


Kitty’s pretending to be a Panda.



Panda Kitty!

Kitty did enjoy our trip to Beijing! We would love to travel again some time. Kitty’s excited for the next trip too :)  

Level 19;HKO; Paris here we come,

Here I am now standing at Paris. Found out their quests are harder. Maybe I should be in Level 20 for me to be easier than in my current situation. Here’s a screenie of me in Paris.

screenie1.JPG I promised myself that I would stop playing when I finish London quests and I believe I did today. I was glad that I was able to make that ‘lettuce’ for the hamburger quest. All was easy by then. Of course I bought the level4 farm to be able to plant those seeds. The last quest for me was the Moose Hat for Anthony’s Gag trip. I went back to Florapolis City to get the guide for it.

I wore it first before I gave it to Anthony. haha =p


Now that I’ve bought the level 4 farm, I’m now broke. My money ranges from 100-600 from buying and getting money from NPCS(finished quests).

planting_lettuce.JPG Here’s a screenie of me planting those lettuce. My GHASH at last!!!

And so yes I went to Paris and Scone asked me to find Cheery Chums. Found her and she gave me a quest to make something from carrots. Carrots… hmm.. we don’t have that in London. So I checked the farm. It’s a level 5 seed. My farming skills are only in level 4. So I’m now stuck. Need to plant seeds to levelup-which costs money-which I don’t have.

Another quest that I have in my quest list is the Maze. Asking me to memorize a maze and draw a map of it afterwards. Problem is I don’t know where that maze is. Didn’t see it in the map in Paris. Well, I haven’t checked around the North Wind grasslands and other spots as well. Hope to level up soon. ‘Coz I really wanna see Beijing!! and hopefully,  finish the game?

Account unblocked; HKO

Read forum posts and Morningbell asked me if my account was unblocked already. That was the only time I checked my KYLINE account to test if it was really unblocked and it was. However, there was no email to me stating that my account was blocked or that it was unblocked.

Personally, I wanna know the reason behind my account being blocked. I e-mailed Morningbell about it and hope to hear a reply soon. Curiosity of course. And I know for sure that I did not do anything bad in the game. or if so, I was not aware of any rules or of such a crime.

During the time that my account was blocked, I asked my hubby if I can play his account. Anyway, he’s doesn’t have much time to play. KYLINE is way behind my hubby’s character so I decided to play my hubby’s character instead.

mkyline.JPG As of Sept.13,2009

Finished doing Florapolis quests and I’m in London now. Haven’t been to Paris and Beijing, but I really wanna check it out soon.

It’s a bit frustrating because I really want to play as KYLINE. Of course, I’d like girly clothes and stuff but you see, I don’t want to repeat and re-do every quests that I’ve done especially the TAILORING quests of Florapolis which drained my pockets and energy collecting and mining stuff. Wahh..

Will update my HKO status and quests every now and then. woot!

1st day at HKO;anxious;account blocked

It was my first day at HKO yesterday. Everything went well. Some people are nice too. I played for about 6 hours and counting but all was haltered when I got disconnected from the server and when I try to log back in, it says that my account was blocked. I know for sure that I didn’t do anything bad at all. Although through PM with my friend, I didn’t know that some words are censored.

Like when I was telling my friend how I’m having pimples , first four letters were censored. And when I said to my friend ‘want water the plants’ the fourth up to the sixth letter was censored, and I don’t even know what it means. :( More words are censored which I don’t know why.

I was so happy yesterday ‘coz I was making a lot of progress already. I was planning to post here the status of my first day at HKO. I’m at lvl9 already, have the paper hat (the red one) and will be getting the HAMMER from the quest to get Chocho’s toolbox (which I can’t figure out who to give the quest items to). Hay…:( I really want to play now. Posted a message on the forum or aeria/hko already.

I dno’t wanna blog about sad things but just in case someone drops by and can help me out. I would be really really be grateful!

HKO people, HELP!!!

Hello Kitty plush loves Kripsy Kreme

My dear Hello Kitty plush doll, named Atsi, is wowed with the Krispy Kreme box that we took home.


Look she’s figuring out how to open the box.


Oohh… she found a way to open it!


We ate some of the doughnuts already. She wants to have a bite too!


Ok, Ok, mommy will prepare you a chocolate drink first.

Here’s your drink at a Krispy Kreme mug to match!


Ok, here it is now, Kitty. Enjoy your chocolate milk and original glazed doughnut from Krispy Kreme.


Kitty says it’s sweet and soft. So yummy! This will be one of her favorite treats! Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughtnut! ~meow

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