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I brought Kitty with me during  my last visit to China.

You can see she’s all geared up wearing her blue sweater.

I also bought her a winter jacket to protect her from the cold breeze.

The weather at that time was around 0-10 degrees celcius.


We saw pandas at the Panda Zoo.


And Oh look who’s sitting right there covered in a black bag! Kitty’s freezing cold.


Aha! I got Kitty to pose right there for the camera to capture the view.

This was at the Temple of Heaven.

We didn’t get to have pictures at the Great wall and the Forbidden City because of the busy tour schedule. It’s really cold up the Great wall.


Kitty’s really cold even with her winter jacket.


Here’s Kitty playing inside the hotel room.

That’s a Panda Hat for her!


Kitty’s pretending to be a Panda.



Panda Kitty!

Kitty did enjoy our trip to Beijing! We would love to travel again some time. Kitty’s excited for the next trip too :)  

4 Responses to “Kitty’s Adventures in Beijing, China”

  1. Oh I love the Panda Kitty :D

  2. i wish i could go to Beijing. :]

  3. Lots of temples to see. Although its cold, Kitty loves the cool breeze :)
    I wonder where would be our next stop…

  4. Hehe, it’s good that kitty has fur to keep her warm or else she would have shivered to death there. Cute litte cat!

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