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Wee! Last night, while we’re about to enter the grocery, we passed by this little booth of Kelloggs. There’s this promo of buying Kellogg’s products with the chance of picking a paper in a fishbowl and winning a prize! The major prizes are the Hello Kitty and Minna No Tabo bowls. The minor prizes include a small plastic spoon and a bowl hugger both come in Kitty and Tabo designs.

I bought 3 cereal boxes so I can get 3 chances to get the bowl. Here are the cereal boxes! WooHoo. I didn’t include the Kellogg’s frosties (but that is also one of my favorites)


So cute, Kitty and Tabo in the boxes! I haven’t tried the Coco Pops but I like the Corn flakes. I bought 2 liters of milk in the grocery to go with my cereals. hehe :)


So cuuuuuuute…..!!!

And here are the prizes that I was able to get. Lucky me I got one of each kind.


I hoped that I would get the Kitty bowl but Tabo’s cute too. And what a coincidence that I also got the Tabo spoon and bowl hugger. All Tabo items. heeheee ;)

I hope Kellogg’s will collaborate again with Sanrio in the future and have more Sanrio characters and more exciting items for us!!!

4 Responses to “Hello Kitty with Kellogg’s products, yumm”

  1. is this in america? *hopes*

  2. sara> replied to you at your e-mail. hehe

  3. Hi, may I know where you saw this? I asked friend to search in KL but looks like out of stock now… :(

  4. Hi eksh,
    I think the promo is available in Asia only.
    That was a month ago, maybe they’re not available anymore. huhu
    Yeah how sad :( I hope they release another Sanrio line in Kelloggs; teehee

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