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Hello Kitty with Kellogg’s products, yumm

Wee! Last night, while we’re about to enter the grocery, we passed by this little booth of Kelloggs. There’s this promo of buying Kellogg’s products with the chance of picking a paper in a fishbowl and winning a prize! The major prizes are the Hello Kitty and Minna No Tabo bowls. The minor prizes include a small plastic spoon and a bowl hugger both come in Kitty and Tabo designs.

I bought 3 cereal boxes so I can get 3 chances to get the bowl. Here are the cereal boxes! WooHoo. I didn’t include the Kellogg’s frosties (but that is also one of my favorites)


So cute, Kitty and Tabo in the boxes! I haven’t tried the Coco Pops but I like the Corn flakes. I bought 2 liters of milk in the grocery to go with my cereals. hehe :)


So cuuuuuuute…..!!!

And here are the prizes that I was able to get. Lucky me I got one of each kind.


I hoped that I would get the Kitty bowl but Tabo’s cute too. And what a coincidence that I also got the Tabo spoon and bowl hugger. All Tabo items. heeheee ;)

I hope Kellogg’s will collaborate again with Sanrio in the future and have more Sanrio characters and more exciting items for us!!!

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