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Here I am now standing at Paris. Found out their quests are harder. Maybe I should be in Level 20 for me to be easier than in my current situation. Here’s a screenie of me in Paris.

screenie1.JPG I promised myself that I would stop playing when I finish London quests and I believe I did today. I was glad that I was able to make that ‘lettuce’ for the hamburger quest. All was easy by then. Of course I bought the level4 farm to be able to plant those seeds. The last quest for me was the Moose Hat for Anthony’s Gag trip. I went back to Florapolis City to get the guide for it.

I wore it first before I gave it to Anthony. haha =p


Now that I’ve bought the level 4 farm, I’m now broke. My money ranges from 100-600 from buying and getting money from NPCS(finished quests).

planting_lettuce.JPG Here’s a screenie of me planting those lettuce. My GHASH at last!!!

And so yes I went to Paris and Scone asked me to find Cheery Chums. Found her and she gave me a quest to make something from carrots. Carrots… hmm.. we don’t have that in London. So I checked the farm. It’s a level 5 seed. My farming skills are only in level 4. So I’m now stuck. Need to plant seeds to levelup-which costs money-which I don’t have.

Another quest that I have in my quest list is the Maze. Asking me to memorize a maze and draw a map of it afterwards. Problem is I don’t know where that maze is. Didn’t see it in the map in Paris. Well, I haven’t checked around the North Wind grasslands and other spots as well. Hope to level up soon. ‘Coz I really wanna see Beijing!! and hopefully,  finish the game?

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