• September 2009
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Read forum posts and Morningbell asked me if my account was unblocked already. That was the only time I checked my KYLINE account to test if it was really unblocked and it was. However, there was no email to me stating that my account was blocked or that it was unblocked.

Personally, I wanna know the reason behind my account being blocked. I e-mailed Morningbell about it and hope to hear a reply soon. Curiosity of course. And I know for sure that I did not do anything bad in the game. or if so, I was not aware of any rules or of such a crime.

During the time that my account was blocked, I asked my hubby if I can play his account. Anyway, he’s doesn’t have much time to play. KYLINE is way behind my hubby’s character so I decided to play my hubby’s character instead.

mkyline.JPG As of Sept.13,2009

Finished doing Florapolis quests and I’m in London now. Haven’t been to Paris and Beijing, but I really wanna check it out soon.

It’s a bit frustrating because I really want to play as KYLINE. Of course, I’d like girly clothes and stuff but you see, I don’t want to repeat and re-do every quests that I’ve done especially the TAILORING quests of Florapolis which drained my pockets and energy collecting and mining stuff. Wahh..

Will update my HKO status and quests every now and then. woot!

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