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Kitty with her entire plushie toys

I love plushies and Kitty is my 1st authentic HelloKitty plushie which I instantly love and hugged every night. She was a Christmas present for me by my Hubby last Dec 2005 making her birthday Dec 23 2005. Since then, I started adopting plushies and plushies:)


Find Kitty in thisĀ  group of plushies. Heeeheee. Cute plushies just make me smile:)


It’s Christmas time and the cold season too. Kitty sports her green scarf while eating Hello Kitty Gummie candies for dessert:)

Got Mulberrie House certificate

But the game’s over tomorrow. At least i got the certificate. teehee;)



After I found out how much work is needed to get the house done, I believe I won’t be able to finish it on time… so I guess i’ll be back for Open beta. Teehee;) Thanks to my very helpful guildmates.

Got NewYork Land Certificates!

Whoopee! However, the Founder’s Beta will be over tomorrow. I got these pics for my souvenir




Food for Friends event

I had a small contribution to this event. I don’t have much time to really play coz I have more things to do. How sad that by next year, I know I won’t be able to spend much time playing because after being a fresh graduate, I would have to start looking for work.

Went to JamJam farm and gave these for my contributions

2 honey drink

150 chocolate milk

30 ordinary bread

Nov6 contribution

56 ordinary bread to Kenman

40 tangerine juice to JamJam. ** JamJam’s nice =)

Finished Liberty key and HK’s birthday event in one night


Keroleen in Paris? wow. It’s nice to travel to Paris. So many cute NPCs like Melody’s Papa and Mama.



Chococat is so cute. GM-RoAN gave me what Chococat is supposed to give. I hope more Sanrio characters appear in the game. That would be awesome and of course will be a much more cute-filled world.


Got the Liberty key! weeeH!!!




When I first entered the party room, I was filled with cuteness!!!! OMG, so many cute NPCS here. gotta collect a screenshot of them. teehee ;) empirekey.jpg

Here’s a souvenir of me finishing the empire key quest. Cute Pochi

grandcentralticket.jpg And the grand central ticket =)

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