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Kiddie Karnival 2006-KT IS HERE!!

Last November 19, we went to Edsa Shang to have a glimpse on the 6th Annual Kiddie Karnival mainly sponsored by Sanrio and Gift Gate. I thought I’d see Hello Kitty mascots and stuff and I thought a lot of older Kitty lovers would be there but I guess we’re the only ones attended without a kid. Almost all (or maybe everyone except us) were parents.

The activities were good for kids. They have freebies from the sponsors. There was a magic show but we didn’t watch it. Before the event, I was really really excited about it. I can’t imagine I’m gonna see some 1/50 of Puro Land ;) haha.. how i wish to go there someday… I was really looking forward to Kitty mascots and Keroppi. I loved Keroppi when I was a kid. It’s just that he hasn’t been offering so many products. So here are some of my collected photos from the snap shots I got while bumping with the crowd.

the poster

Outside the venue. Keroppi is beside her but I didn’t catch a photo of him ‘coz we’re already leaving. Really cute!

Enter Kitty’s World of Activities for the Day!!!

This little figure is a stunner! I wanna take it home!!! huhuhu

The second floor.. where the kitties shower their cuteness around us

Fuchsia kitties all over the corners.. haha:) wanna take this home too.

Too bad we weren’t able to get free waffle kitties. The line is so long and it’s really hot inside the venue. Oh well I already have my own Hello Kitty Waffle maker!;) given to me by my Baby Bear ;) But too bad again, I want that Kitty Juice!

I think this one’s Gretel Kitty? or Cinderella Kitty?I forgot exactly this Kitty coz there’s a lot of the fairy tale characters there. This figure rotates 360 degrees. nice!

Kitty cake.. Yumm

Little red riding Kitty!

Kitty Winter Wonderland. The one in www.sanrio.jp

Really cute. That’s made out of paper. There are a lot of other characters including Mono Koru Boo (the black and white pig). I think they’re simply cute too.

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