A VIP party was held over last Thursday, 22 October 2009, in Los Angeles to open the “Hello Apples” art exhibit. Even celebrities like Paris Hilton and Kimora Lee Simmons graced the event to celebrate Hello Kitty’s upcoming 35th anniversary!Varying art pieces could be seen in the art exhibit, ranging from popart to sculptures. Even the attendants and models are dressed in Hello Kitty-themed garb!

Check out these photos from the event:

The “Hello Apples” exhibit will be open to the public until November 15, with lots of events spread out during the duration, so if you’re a Sanrio fan and live in or near Los Angeles, be sure to check it out!

(source: sanriotown official blog)

Wow, I haven’t blogged in a while.  I was too busy googling and buying Hello Kitty 35th anniversary items that’s why! I’ve also been trying to keep track of their events and daydream a lot that’s why I haven’t been blogging lately.  I’m not a very good writer and is not good with the things I wanted to say.  But this time, I wanted to share with everyone an event that’s gonna happen on September 27! In Shibuya, Japan, Sanrio’s going to launch an event for Hello Kitty Fans like us! I don’t really know what will happen but I’m so excited since I haven’t been to a Sanrio Event before.  But since my grades in school have been great, my dad told me he’d take me to Shibuya to see the event! Isn’t that great?! :D :D :D

Here’s what it said in the official Hello Kitty 35th anniversary site:

‘Hello Kitty Selection’ is a brand new extravaganza featuring new and limited designs, top brand-collaborations and many other fabulous events, all taking place is the international trend hotspot that is Shibuya! The Hello Kitty Glass Design series makes its gorgeous debut! Venue: Tokyu Department Store, Toyoko Store From: September 16th (Wed.) 〜 September 27th (Sun.) 2009

More events here.  :)

Good thing I bought an iPhone instead of the Sony Ericsson I told my mom I wanted.  When I found out Hello Kitty HAS her own iPhone application, I immediately browsed the web! Check out these cool features of Hello Kitty for your iPhone!

iHello Kitty 35th anniversary: a FREE app that has Hello Kitty birthday countdown clock, Hello Kitty news, and much more!


Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Content Introduction
A Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary countdown clock
The 35th birthday commemorative movie “Hello Kitty Colors”
Profiles of Hello Kitty and her family & friends
Hello Kitty News
A Hello Kitty design museum

iHello Kitty Camera, an app that lets you decorate your photos with
Hello Kitty themes and take photos with Kitty’s images!


Automatic face-finding (can find multiple faces at once)
Auto-design frame image composition
Compatibility Check mode for couples
15 different Hello Kitty logos
15 different headpieces
15 different accessories
15 different decorations
12 different particles

iHello Kitty Tokyo: lets you customize and dress up your iPod/iPhone Touch with Hello Kitty themes. Users can customize Kitty with a variety of Tokyo street and cultural fashions and background designs. They can also change her hair, clothes, accessories, location, and much more!

I got these information here!

Oh my gosh! These have got to be the coolest wallpapers I’ve ever seen! I mean, I saw lots of Hello Kitty wallpapers on the net but the official ones pwnzors em all! All of the wallpapers are simple and elegant! Everything’s so wonderful I just had to share some with you!

Hello Friends! How are you today? :D

Do you know who Hello Kitty’s friends are? We all are, but these are her friends who live very close to her! Again, I got this from the 35th anniversary site.  I just can’t stop browsing the stuff on their site! Everything there is so cool! Anyway, Here are her friends! You can check all of them out on the link I’ll post below.

Mory - a shy little mole who lives in Kitty’s home.

Joey - Kitty’s closest classmate. A little careless sometimes, but this mouse is unbeatable when it comes to playing tag!

Rorry - this squirrel showed Kitty and her friends the secret of the woods!

Tim and Tammy - these siblings just seem to pop up wherever the fun is!

Cathy - she’s a quiet and kindhearted bunny.  She always thinks of others.

Fifi - she’s a princess who likes to chat a lot!

Tippy - kind and strong, he wants to be Kitty’s boyfriend!

Tracey - this raccoon is quite the rascal! He uplifts everyone’s spirits!

Jodie - a very smart dog who wants to be a researcher someday

Thomas - A really funny dog! He makes everyone laugh with his jokes!

Click here to see the original text and format of Hello Kitty’s friends!

No, it’s not the official Sanrio title of the video but I like to call it that way.  I think if I were to vote for the coolest video I’ve seen this year, it would be this one.  The concept is just pure <3!!! Hello Kitty passing on the great red ribbon to her future self: uber coolness!

AND WOW WOW WOW! I’m SanrioTown’s blog of the week! Thanks SanrioTown! I’ll make sure to deliver more wonderful Hello Kitty 35th anniversary news! :D

Here’s the video.  Oh I’m sure all of you Sanrio fans will love it!

Check out this cool video! I got this from a guy named Yingdong in Dream Studio and it’s the same as the one in the 35th anniversary site! I’m embedding it into this entry so that you guys and girls can see how wonderful this year’s anniversary is! :P

Here’s the video.  It speaks of the 35th anniversary theme - “Colors:” Red for friendship, Pink for cute, Yellow for heartful, Green for wish, and Lavender for sweet! Check it out!

Remember my entry about Sanrio featuring their products waaaaay back in the 70’s? Well, take a look at the new plushies they made! Look familiar? They’re the models for each time frame!

I personally love the one where kitty rides a plane!!! Every plush is so cute I want to collect them all! I’ll get good grades this semester so my dad will buy me these! :D :D :D

Check out this link to see all the plushies!

Wanna see an adorable video today? Then check out this cool History of Hello Kitty video Sanrio made!  It has a nice theme to it - with Hello Kitty’s trademark ribbon passing on to her “future” self as time goes by! It’s soooo cute all Hello Kitty fans should see it!

Check out the video here.  You can also click the other videos on the side to see more anniversary videos! Oh I just can’t stop exploring their website!

What a view! Browsing through Hello Kitty’s drawings and products throughout the years are just overwhelming! I want each and everyone of them! I already downloaded all the wallpapers they provided there, plus their Hello Kitty art collection.  Now, I have to find a way to purchase all the products I’ve missed through their official store or through ebay.  I collect everything Hello Kitty! Now Sanrio made my life easier by putting all the stuff they made in their site’s museum! Yes, that includes artwork and products way back in 1974.  :D

Wanna see all the Hello Kitty goodness I’ve seen in their museum? Then click here my friend!

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