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CaTs BR Guild - In English


Our club was created for all Brazilians who love to play HKO. Our intention is to help players who do not have much knowledge in the English language. Is an incentive for more players to participate and also meet many nice people in the game (and to learn the English language).

1. Be friendly with all
2. Be Patiente
3. Do not spam in the guild chat
4. No profanity. There’s a reason for the filters.
5. Follow the all HKO rules

Requirements to Join: Speak Portuguese

Founder: Kirei
Created On: November 1st, 2010 (International Server )
Guardian: Hello Kitty
Mascot: Cat

CaTs BR Guild Leader : Kirei
CaTs BR Guild Officers: Meyzinha, Emy,  XSunshine, Smorp, MissMilli

Rank Guild

A. Cat Leader
B. Cat Officer
C. Cat Assistant
D. Cat Recruit
E. Cat Member