First of all, I ended up choosing the name “Kireu” because spaces are not allowed apparently anymore. So, when you start the game, you appear in the Dream Room, and you can decide if you want to do a brief training thing in the other Dream Rooms, or you can just go to the game. But if you go straight to the game, you’ll never be able to return back, so I just did the instructional tutorial. I thought the doors would never end (sorry just saying)! It didn’t help that much since I already knew, but you should still go there.

After I went there, I was at Sanrio Harbor, and since I couldn’t get it to connect yesterday, I had to start today. Because of this, I was really newbie-ish and I still am a little because most people started before me (homework). I did the first couple quests, and you actually get clothes in the beginning, unlike before. It’s really different than the CB, because you did the whole learning in Sanrio Harbor before, but now you did it in Dream Rooms so Sanrio Harbor was like the other rooms.

I did find it hard to attack monsters and talk to NPCs. I’m not sure if it’s just me or the system. I also found that it was hard for me to access the blog and e-mail through the game, and it kept lagging excessively until I couldn’t play at all. So I have to blog without playing the game. :’( Another thing I found is that Hello Kitty was actually in the Dream Room, while the site said that you would need to find Hello Kitty. In the CB, you had to work hard to finally get to the key to Hello Kitty’s house. But she’s right there, in the Dream Room. I also found a typo, with London spelled “Londan.” I was going to post a screenie, but I can’t connect to the game right now. Which brings me to another bug: when I can’t connect to the server, I have to go to the task manager to close it. It will not close on when I click the X button, because the mouse would disappear from behind the window. The mouse doesn’t move when it gets the “Cannot Connect to Server” window. Another thing is that they walk kinda slow when I want to go from one NPC to another, and I think that they should add a “run” feature like on other games, but it will take more energy. Ah, I have to e-mail all of this to them.

I did a couple quests, I should finish, but I feel like doing the blogging about it right now. And listening to my own music. A suggestion: keep everything you get, you might need it later. When I did the Shamrock gathering, I was like, “What is the need for these Rare Shamrocks?” and it turns out that I needed it for another quest. So be prepared. When you fight monsters, you will need to do the Sora quest first, to get the wand to fight. It might be the case that you can fight Hermit Crabs without a weapon, but I never tried it (I will need to check).

Well, right now I will try to connect to the game, again and again, and try to post up a screenie or two! I hope this has helped somewhat. See you in-game!

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