☆゚・:*☆ Living in Pink☆゚・:*☆ 
☆゚・:*☆ ☆゚・:*☆ ☆゚・:*☆ ☆゚・:*☆ ☆゚・:*☆ ☆゚・:*☆ ☆゚・:*☆ ☆゚・:*☆ ☆゚・:*☆ 


Its hallowee~~n

I left my house today in my “costume” which is…. *drumroll please*
Business kira!! \(o^▽^o)/

*yawns* It is so early, but since I dressed up in a PINK business suit..I guess I have to find a place to work….

-wanders around-
Tada~~ Kira works for.. “HKO Information desk!” (*´艸`)
I wonder if any one will come to trick or treat in here? o.oa

It appears I am Oyakata’s assistant, but he didn’t even prepare a chair~

I seem to have left some chocolate on my face from trying to eat chocolate while working T___T I forgot to rub it off before taking the picture L(゚□゚)」 

My pink bag holds lots of choco and dream frags,

Since, I am a secretary.. I must take out my handy dandy HK Pen! (Thank you Caly!)


Please come for information~~ haha

Happy halloween everyone \(o^▽^o)/