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♥Kira Bunny♥

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

Everyone loves fluffy bunnies right? *__* If I had to choose a real Halloween outfit (or pajama..) I would pick a fluffy white bunny~ This outfit has all the things I love, Bunny, Strawberry, and last but not least PINK (。◕‿◕。)ノ♡  

Lets all dress up as bunnies and gather around for Halloween ~~

Kira-Bunny! I am pretty sure I have 1 Million brothers and sisters, I should head to Paris, the Land of Bunnies to find them! If anyone is searching for a pet, please send in their information to kirabunny (*´艸`) 

On another note!
We can’t forget that Hello Kitty is friends with everyone~ From young children to Older adults, she is loved everywhere. Since her birthday is tomorrow..so kira bunny is trying to help her celebrate!

Ta~da~~ Happy Birthday Kitty!! ヾ(*≧∀≦*)ノ

But more importantly.. Happy Birthday Charmmy Kitty!! \(o^▽^o)/ 
We need a charmmy kitty npc (*TДT)人(TДT*) 


Sunday, October 31st, 2010

Its hallowee~~n

I left my house today in my “costume” which is…. *drumroll please*
Business kira!! \(o^▽^o)/

*yawns* It is so early, but since I dressed up in a PINK business suit..I guess I have to find a place to work….

-wanders around-
Tada~~ Kira works for.. “HKO Information desk!” (*´艸`)
I wonder if any one will come to trick or treat in here? o.oa

It appears I am Oyakata’s assistant, but he didn’t even prepare a chair~

I seem to have left some chocolate on my face from trying to eat chocolate while working T___T I forgot to rub it off before taking the picture L(゚□゚)」 

My pink bag holds lots of choco and dream frags,

Since, I am a secretary.. I must take out my handy dandy HK Pen! (Thank you Caly!)


Please come for information~~ haha

Happy halloween everyone \(o^▽^o)/   

Protected: ♥Irritated part2♥

Friday, October 1st, 2010

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Protected: Epik High’s Tablo - Stanford

Friday, October 1st, 2010

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♥Pink is life!♥

Friday, October 1st, 2010

So the package was sooo adorable!


I had to pay a little bit extra but...What can you do?! Pink is just so cute!(。◕‿◕。)ノ

I was actually going to send it in a box When they told me this would be much better so its all good~ haha Inside there is another pink bag!! It is soo cute too~ε(❀◕‿◕ฺ)з

Oh and another Pink bag L(゚□゚)」

Pink in Pink in Pink!ヾ(*≧∀≦*)ノ

I hope it reaches its destination safely (人・㉨・)♡ *prays*

♥Finally!~ Sent!♥

Friday, October 1st, 2010

I finally went to the post office today!! haha

Sent off the package~~

It should reach its destination on Monday!! woo~ ヾ(*≧∀≦*)ノ

Look forward to the surprise gift!!\(o^▽^o)/