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♥Sunday Social 001♥

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010



Zaphod has emailed me about this so here is my answer!


Question: What is your Favorite Snack?korira_p.gif








4143817104_c43c9af339.jpgSuper chocolately chocolate fudge with chocolate chips cakeo0020002010601825551.gif


img20070126_2_p.gifBut… in reality, I do not snack…so I just came up with that answer67.gif


3 Blogs I link to are…

 o0020002010601825549.gif CalypsoCafe

 o0020002010601825549.gif   SourBerry

o0020002010601825549.gif GM-Mango


♥kirakira and CalypsoCafe Presents: The World of HKO♥

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

13136_d.gifEpisode 713136_d.gif




kira: Red text on the screen!







What are the chances! *coughs* We are at the right place at the right time!






kira: OoOoO Cool prizes \(o^▽^o)/




kira: OoO 5 minutes!! I wonder what the event will be?




kira: Pet for Bet? Is that the game we played last time Caly?

Caly: o.o; is it?






kira: Oh! It is!


☆Copies and edits from Caly’s blog☆


The GM event “Pet for Bet.” According to GM-Dewberry, we weren’t going to hunt for any monsters, but it would be more like a guessing game. The object of the event was to guess the owner of a pet by simply going to its location. There were 4 markers on this map North West (Pile of Big Flowers), North East (Wanwa), South west (Kappi), South East (Policeman).


When GM-Dewberry says GO! We were to pick one of the spots and wait by a Pong-Pong… When the time came, the GM’s at each spot was reviled!


 If you are correct, you got to move onto the next round.. if not.. you got to spend time with Lily..



ahaha Like this!!




Oh cute wanwa!!



Caly: It wasn’t our lucky day this time.

kira: つД`)・゚・。・゚゚・*:。 No it wasn’t~


The prizes were cute hello kitty furniture!! “o(>ω< )o”


 (Sorry my screencaps were deleted on accident)


That is all for this episode! Continue on to the yummiest blog ever, The Daily Cafe! 




♥kirakira and CalypsoCafe Presents: The World of HKO♥

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

13136_d.gifEpisode 5 Part 213136_d.gif

Welcome to my Farm! \(o^▽^o)/


★disclaimer★ This Farm is not a newbie farm..*ahem* you can get better farms from the “lovely” Item Mall~ House certificates will come later as you quest ^_~


When you click your fertilizer the soil will turn red until you right click one of the squares. The places that are fertilized will be green and ready to plant!

 Right click on the seed and pick a square to plant!



☆Don’t forget to water your plant!!☆

Caly: :o your first plant!

kira: yay!


kira: (;゚∇゚) U~m…. did.. you.. just see that?

Caly: omg o.o

kira: A mole just ate my plant!



kira: It’s gone~~ Out of my life~~ ♪

Caly: It is ok kira, you have 4 more seeds right?

kira: Oh  yea! *repeats the first few steps*


kira: wow! It got bigger~


kira: I don’t think its fully grown yet, I’ll  just chop off the weeds!

 Caly: good idea! But remember you can only do that 4 times or your plant will wither away~

kira: Oh yea!


☆If you try to chop more than 4 times, you will get this message..^^;☆


When it grows one more time, you will have two options! Gather or Chop.  Since we already chopped 4 times.. Lets gather to collect potatoes!


 Your friends can also help you gather! (If your farm is higher than a level. 4)


Sadly, you don’t always get what you want.. eeew caterpillars.

Caly: At least you can sell them later to the merchant for coins!

kira: Good point, I guess I will keep them.


Caterpillar, withered leaves…caterpiller, withered leaves.. caterpillar..

kira: waa caly つД`)・゚・。・゚゚・*:。 Not one potato.. farming is so hard!

Caly: aww its ok kira, I’m helping too!

☆You can gather for 4 cycles, after the fifth time your plant will..☆



Caly: It is gone, so you should chop it one more time to clean your farm from the withered plant.

kira: Good idea!!

But after the first cycles we got quite a few potatoes! Lets go finish all the other farming quests for Peter Davis the same way~

Caly: ok!

☆Farming farming farming☆

Yay! And that is all for this episode! Continue on to the yummiest blog ever, The Daily Cafe!

Episode 6

♥kirakira and CalypsoCafe Presents: The World of HKO♥

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

13136_d.gifEpisode 5 Part 113136_d.gif




It looks like the event is over Caly~ I guess we should continue our questing!


★Goes Through Portal★






kira: hehe, you noticed? The mole outfit was getting kind of stuffy. I guess these green clothes come in handy…from time to time. Plus there are no clothes here in Florapolis!  B-bu–buut! Caly… do you know where we are?





Caly: Silly kira… we are in Florapolis! The city of flowers!


kira: Oh~ That makes sense ε(❀◕‿◕ฺ)з And it looks like Peter Davis has our first quest~




kira: he seems kind of glued to the spot.. (゜~゜;) Anyways! He gave me all the seeds so off I go to farm!~



 kira: la la la~




Caly: *isn’t she suppose to be farmimg* o.O; Kira?? I was looking all over for you. Whatcha doing?



kira: nothing nothing…



Caly: kira what happened to Peter Davis’ quest?


kira: *ahem* well.. youknow.. mmmfjajngajioagha..



kira: b–b–but! Caly! I couldn’t find my farm.. つД`)・゚・。・゚゚・*:。




kira: Farm.. Market? *follows*




☆ The farm market is towards the left, just pass the Tools and equipment merchant!☆


Oh.. and look on our way there we met another player!


 kira: Saving the world from masquerading invisible pandas (*゚д゚*)マ Is that what we do in hko caly?


Caly: silly kira! She must be blogging for the event!


kira: oooh! Good luck CoralIvy!






 kira: Oh! So I just have to right click on him Caly?


Caly: Yup!!




☆Right click on the Farm Manager, and click on the icon towards the upper right that says Farm Teleport☆


I hope everyone has an easier time finding their farms than I did~ In the next episode I will explain how to farm! “o(>ω< )o”


Stay tuned for part 2!

01 Jul ♥kirakira & CalypsoCafe Presents: The World of HKO♥

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

13136_d.gifEpisode 313136_d.gif

Thanks to Caly’s help, I was able to finish collecting slime from starbeams in the harbour! On to my next quest…*spots a monkey tree*


Kira: Ouch! What a mean monkey tree..


Here comes Caly to the rescue!!

Kira: You see Caly.. I was trying to get some splinters from this nice big monkey tree..


Caly: Silly Kira!

Kira: Spiral wood!?! (*゚д゚*) Why didn’t you say so earlier!! *coughs*


So thanks to the smart Caly… we are once again on our way to the correct place to collect small splinters!


★If you look on your area map, it on towards the right side of the harbour~★


Thanks for welcoming me Caly, so lets see.. which one shall I pick…*:.。. (・ω・`人).☆


Caly: Yup,  pretty easy right?
Kira: Yes! Very easy! Let me open my map to see where to go next…

☆-(ノ。・ω・)八(。・ω・。)八(・ω・。)ノ イエーイ


Maybe something is going on?


Caly: OMG





So off we went towards the large group of players gathered around Usahana. Just across from the Kitty Pond.


Kira: Yes there are Caly! They all look so cool too ε(❀◕‿◕ฺ)з

*ahem* Works up courage to ask… (゜~゜;)





Kira: Caly, did you know HKO had events? Maybe we can win something if we play?! Lets ask some more questions.

Caly: Yes! We must play this HKO Event. -Pushes to front- keep on asking them questions Kira.


I wonder what kind of event??


(*゚д゚*)Mystery! Mystery! I really wonder what is going to happen next?~

You can find out what happened at the yummiest blog ever The Daily Café!

Episode 4(click)

♥kirakira & CalypsoCafe Presents: The World of HKO♥

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

 Welcome to kirakira’s blog! From today CalypsoCafe and I will explain to you the world of  hko!

13136_d.gifEpisode 113136_d.gif


Here is the Sanrio Harbour \(o^▽^o)/  Caly we have finally reached the start of the game!  Where do we go first??


Caly:The beginning of our Journey!


kira: So this is where it all starts!! \(o^▽^o)/  All you have to do is find the dancing dog, Pochacco and right click. He gave us our first quest and welcomed us to  Sanrio Harbour. What a kind puppy~ *:.。. (・ω・`人).☆  I remember when I really loved to buy pochacco items… Many years ago!

 But anyways.. back to gaming!

*right clicks on Pochacco*


kira: hn… he.. gave us a quest but.. BUT!!! waa~

★If you forget what the quest was, press “Q” on your screen to open your quest log!★


Caly~ Where is sora?!?!? What is this Sora?!


Uhoh! If you are making that face.. does that mean..  you.. don’t know either?!

つД`)・゚・。・゚゚・*:。 We are in big.. trouble..

Caly: Silly kira… Sora is one of the NPC’s here in the harbour. Just follow me.

☆(follows Caly, by right clicking on her and pressing on the follow function)☆


Walk walk walk.. we passed by a cute Cinnamaroll statue!  walk walk walk


And.. We made it!! \(o^▽^o)/ Caly is such a genius!  Sora was just left of the harbour start line!

★ Tip: Pressing “A” on your screen brings up your Area Map! “W” will bring out the World Map!★


we made it to Sora.. but..BUT!  what will happen from  here?! Stay tuned.. and find out in Episode 2! Everyone head over to the yummiest blog ever The Daily Café!

Episode 2!