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Hello, and  welcome to KimonoButterfly! This is a blog I (ariarose) made to post my graphics (I won’t be updating my Signatures/Banners page on my main blog any longer). This blog is used to post info on new signatures, and other graphic related requests. For convenience, I decided to have you guys e-mail requests to my main e-mail,, but you may e-mail them to here, also.

*I don’t make animated banners or buttons, things with inappropriate images or words on them, or pixel art.*

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KimonoButterfly was created for my own personal convenience. Because I didn’t want to clutter up my main blog, I decided to create a separate blog devoted to graphic making.

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1. Always leave the credit! I have included the url to my blog in each one of them, and I would prefer if you didn’t take it out. I have already tried my best to make the url  as indiscreet as possible… sorry, but that’s the best I can do. However, buttons will not include the url, but if anyone asks, please give me credit.

2. Don’t modify them without permission! If you want to make any changes for whatever reason, please e-mail me first at: or at, asking for permission to do so. Also, if I say no, please respect that and don’t go ahead and change it anyways. -_-;

3. No flames! I’m open to constructive critism, but don’t go on to say how much they suck, and how much better your work is, or whatever. If you do, you will be blocked.

4.  Don’t take credit for my work! Don’t claim you made these banners when you really didn’t! They might not be the most awesome ones out there, but I worked hard on them! Same goes for buttons. You don’t need to state outright on your blog or signature that I made them,  but if someone asks, please give me credit.

5. Be patient! If you have requested a banner or signature, give me a couple of days to finish it. Usually, it takes around 2 to 4 days for me to finish one, but sometimes, I’m busy, so I can’t finish them right away.

6. Only request when requests are open! Please make sure requests are open before sending an e-mail! This helps my inbox from getting crammed with requests I have no intention of doing.

7. Don’t redistribute! This means taking my work and posting it on your website. If you want to let others know about my banners, link back with a button or whatever.

8. No paying! A bit odd, I know… but I’m making them for free, and you guys don’t have to give me thing. Linking back would be appreciated though.  ;) Also, when requests are closed, they’re closed. Bribing doesn’t change anything, and offering to pay doesn’t make me finish requests any faster.

9. The graphic I made for you is still strictly “mine.” I made it, so therefore, it’s my graphic. This only means that I am still at liberty to do whatever I want with the graphic (not that I would, just saying).

10.  Enjoy them! Sorry, I couldn’t help it. x) I really hope you like the finished product. I will e-mail you the graphic from time to time, and if you want to make any changes, let me know!

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*Please note: I only make banners, signatures & link buttons*

Copy and paste the words in the box, fill it in, them e-mail it to: or

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Main E-mail:

Review E-mail:

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