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I woke up earlier than usual today, and since I couldn’t go back to sleep right, I fired up the Internet and searched for the oddest thing I could think of at the moment.

It just so happened that the first thing on my mind at the time was Mars. Yes, the planet. I don’t know. Ever since the report a couple of months ago that one of the newer rovers had found water on the planet - imagine! ice in a stellar body other than our very own! - the planet’s been stuck at the back of my mind. The amazing thing about it is that within the next few years, they’re thinking of releasing microbes in the environment, just to see if they’d survive.

Now, the question is: will Mars be able to support life as it is today? I’m guessing it can’t. There isn’t enough of an atmosphere on the planet to protect anything living from cosmic radiation.

But it’s interesting, no? If life manages to find a way to survive in the harshest of situations, then that says something about how scientists pereive life-surviving in planets. That would cause a pretty big upheaval in how modern science would define life as we know it.

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  1. cookie Says:

    We’ll be at Mars if the Earth becomes overcrowded. :)

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