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long time no talky

as if i wasn’t being distracted :D

ha ha haaa I was addicted to

super smash brothers brawl *angelic choir*

so yea

soooooooo much time wasted

oh yeahhh

I am in a singing competition like American  Idol

but totally different

heres two picture I drew on that subject made with my sketch pan

toon link

hurray It may say stuff because of my sketch pan account


ooooh and heres L for the heck of it ;P


Well ain’t they cute

well that’s all for now


bye bye~

7 Responses to “Long time!!!!”

  1. :D

  2. Nice pics, I can see that you were thinking about SSBB when u drew them.
    L always eating sweets :)

  3. Welcome back!:)

  4. Heh, you should totally get a DA account! I would so watch you!

  5. hey i wish you made more cinnamon train i really love mocha i these videos

  6. where did you get the cinnamoangles back round from

  7. please make more cinnammon train

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