Well I haven’t been on because of my evil cousins. They hate Hello Kitty

and take advantage of my laptop.

Well thats the reason.

Now, in this post I’ll be talking about Chiffon’s brother.


He he he I’m Icing Chiffon’s younger bro. And you just got owned~!
I am friends with Tea so ya I’m awesome too.
I like to play Frisbee and soccer (Since Chiffon is so sporty I became one too)
Okay well I like to eat spicy curry and drink soda pop.
andd I luff my family especially Chiffon *dun dun dunn* >:]
Soo enough about meh lets talk about making plans to annoy my sister

Lovely I have to say

Wait your being sarcastic!

Yes I am, yes I am…

de dee deee

That was todays-ays post! dun dun dun dunnnn~ ♥

Remember: Wash your hands after you use the bathroom Jeez look how dirty they are :]

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  1. yay now you made a hairy-chested character ^^

    he’s adorable

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